Friday, December 9, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: The Tiger's Treasure

No. There's no such thing as the fabled Yamashita treasure hidden somewhere Down Under but there's a next best thing to that; another barn find rumor!

It's located not too far from Surfers Paradise and what's inside could be a hidden treasure that has been respected by classic car aficionados everywhere. It's a rare piece of automotive history that needs to be notice. With my gear ready, it's time to find out what could this month's barn find be.

And this month's barn find is...


Well, gee willickers. I can't believe it's the legendary Sunbeam Tiger, a powerful V8 version of the car James Bond briefly drove in the opener of Bond's first film, Dr. No. In short, it's the high performance version of the Sunbeam Alpine. This is the Mark II version of the Sunbeam Tiger and with 633 of these ever made, it became a rare gem on the road. It's powered by a 289ci (4.7L) V8 engine sourced from Ford and it delivers 200hp of power, a 0-60mph time of 7.5 seconds, and top speed of 122mph. That doesn't sound quick by modern standards but the V8 noise from this thing is way top of your lola's playlist, that's for sure.

If I'm surprised, I managed to drive it to see if the Tiger lives up to its treasury status.

Now that is how the tiger's treasure feels like! Well, with 17 barn finds found Down Under, I wonder what's next on the list of barn finds that are soon to be told? Only time will tell when will they notify me the next treasure that needs to be unearthened and take it for a spin.

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