Thursday, December 15, 2016

Let's Do The News! (December 15, 2016)

- According to the Department of Tourism secretary Wanda Corazon Teo wants direct flights from Manila, Philippines to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There are flights to Siem Reap, a resort town in northwestern Cambodia known for the Angkor Wat temple complex, from the Philippines but none to and from the Cambodian capital. In a press briefing in Cambodia, plans for direct flights will bring tourist arrivals of Cambodian people to the Philippines.

- Satellite imagery shows that China appears to have constructed point-defense capabilities at each of its outposts in seven of the Manila-claimed islands of the Spratlys in the South China Sea. A Washington-based think tank reported that China has built large AA guns and CIWS in the Spratlys.

- President Rodrigo Duterte is ranked 70th in the 74 Most Powerful People according to Forbes Magazine. The top spot remains to Russia's Vladimir Putin while second placer goes to US President-Elect and business tycoon Donald Trump, 3rd goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 4th for China's Xi Jinping, and 5th for Pope Francis. Japan PM Shinzo Abe is 37th, North Korea's Kim Jong Un is 43rd, US President Barack Obama sank to 48th, Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto is 54th, and Canada's Justin Trudeau is 66th.

- According to a Harvard university law professor, as many as 30 Republican members of the Electoral College are willing to reject US President-Elect Donald Trump when the Electoral College will meet on the 19th of December to decide the next leader. If 37 Republicans managed vote against him, Trump will never get the 270 target needed to become the 45th president. Meanwhile, a bipartisan coalition of Americans wrote an open letter to the electors for the last-ditch effort to stop Trump. The full letter can be read here.

- Meanwhile, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, a key opposition by the fossil fuel giants, was handpicked by US President-elect Donald Trump for advisory committee. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick also joins President's Strategic and Policy Forum.

- Over one billion Yahoo user accounts has been hacked. The announcement follows the IT giant's disclosure in September that hackers had penetrated over 500 million accounts. The combined number makes the thefts one of the biggest data leaks from a company ever. Yahoo officials said on Wednesday that the latest attack took place in August 2013. Hackers stole names, birthdates, email addresses and telephone numbers but passwords and credit card numbers weren't affected.

- Minions, rejoice! Former supervillain Gru, Lucy, his three adopted girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes, and his Minions are back in Despicable Me 3 as the teaser trailer went live before it hits theaters in the summer of 2017. In the latest film, Gru and Lucy takes on a powerful supervillain named Balthazar Bratt, played by South Park creator Trey Parker.

- The first episode of the PokeMon anime series aired on TV Tokyo since 1997. 2017 marks the anime series' 20th anniversary and next year's film will be a retelling of the original saga, which is named after the very first episode of the show, titled "Pokemon, I Choose You!". The retelling film will be shown in theaters this 15th of July.

- Biohazard (Resident Evil) Vendetta, the third 3DCG animated film based from  Capcom's popular survival horror franchise, hits theaters on the 27th of May. The latest film sees Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers race against time to stop a world-renowned terrorist.

Biohazard: Vendetta


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