Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mitsubishi eK Space and Nissan Dayz Roox (2017 Minor Change)

2017 Mitsubishi eK Space
2017 Mitsubishi eK Space Custom
2017 Nissan Dayz Roox

Having been returned from the lineup numerous months after the fuel efficiency fiasco that forced Mitsubishi to temporarily suspend most of their kei car sales after Nissan discovered what's wrong with their fuel efficiency numbers and then sparked a takeover on Mitsubishi Motors following the wrongdoing, looks like the taller equivalents of the Mitsubishi eK and Nissan Dayz, the eK Space and Dayz Roox, has been given a facelift and let's hope that these latest versions are as honest as this morning's newspaper.

On the Mitsubishi side, the redesigned front face makes it well-civilized and cozy for the normal eK Space while the eK Space Custom gets it all futuristic and sharp. On the Nissan side, both the normal and the Highway Star variants received Nissan's corporate V-motion grille to make it more welcome to the family. Although the new look makes them more updated, they're still the same thing, although they are finally come clean with their fuel efficiency numbers.

For all models, it comes with the 660cc engine producing 49PS of power and 59Nm of torque. Turbocharged models get around 64PS of power, in case you missed it. Fuel efficiency? They're at a very honest 20.4 to 22.2km/L based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards. This is as fuel efficient as these wagons go, otherwise, they would exaggerate it against its fuel efficient rivals from Daihatsu and Suzuki and then cause any trouble again. Not in this case, it ain't because customers who bought this car will have to keep an eye on its fuel efficiency in the hopes that they don't get deceived by its exaggeration.

Anyway, some safety tech is loaded in both models such as the autonomous braking system called FCM-City, Active Stability Control, Emergency Stop Signal System, ABS brakes, and much more, all in the name of being one of the safest kei minivans in the market, as if those cars like the Tanto and the Spacia can do the job better than those but that's not the case for those kei minivans trying to come clean and win back the motoring public after that fiasco that sent them homespun.

At a Mitsubishi dealership, the eK Space starts at 1,239,840 Yen while the eK Space Custom starts at 1,568,160 Yen. At a Nissan dealership, meanwhile, the Dayz Roox starts at 1,306,800 Yen and it comes with different variants ranging from the normal, Highway Star, Bolero, and Rider. Both the Bolero and the Rider are made courtesy of Autech Japan. So, with everything's come clean for these facelifted models, can the new eK Space and the new Dayz Roox win back the motoring public? Only time will tell.

Photo: Mitsubishi Motors/Nissan

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