Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Remembering 2016: Best of TV

2016 has been a great year for TV shows from across the globe. From dramas, actions, fantasies, cartoons, anything you mention about TV show is what made 2016 a great year. Packed with joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear, couch potatoes from all corners of the world express their feelings every time they talk about their favorite TV shows, especially their new favorites.

So, as we are nearing the year's end to give way to the year 2017, what are the 16 best bits from TV that made this year great, I presume?! Oh, and I do have to warn you that there are spoilers everywhere so READ AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE!!!

1) While they were waiting for the next season of BBC's Sherlock to arrive until January 1st, 2017, fans got themselves an even better treat during the waiting game; a TV special titled The Abominable Bride. In this special, the story they all new are reverted straight to its roots and while it has the proper, historical, setting that most Sherlock Holmes know-alls know about, the recipe remains the same and actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman really do adapt to their roles of Holmes and Watson in the old age London, England.

2) The first half of the On The Wings of Love finale sees Leah (Nadine Lustre) and Clark (James Reid) getting married...finally, while on the second half of the finale sees the newlyweds performed live onstage! This is the first time a TV drama like this pulled off the best sendoff to one of the Philippines' hit love teams like JaDine.

3) In the finale of GMA's rather controversial, yet compelling, drama series about a transgender named Destiny Rose, moments after Destiny (Ken Chan) was pushed by Jasmine and suffered from a comatose, he survived and now he's reunited with his mother Daisy and sister April. However, Jasmine still has other plans now that Destiny's returned. Jasmine plots to kill Destiny until Destiny's dad, Lito, popped up to stop Jasmine and save Destiny, despite his hatred to his transgender son. Now that the threat to Destiny's life is finally over, the family finally reconcile with peace, although his father Lito is still unknown after he saved his life. Minutes later, Gabriel (Fabio Ide), the love of Destiny's life, admitted his true feelings to Destiny and he loves Destiny for who he is.

4) The 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network shows that the return of a childhood classic isn't just more stylish than ever, it's just been refined, recharged, and reloaded to the highest POW factor. With new adventures, new and returning villains, and a new school life, this new PPG never felt so alive.

5) The Weirdmageddon finale of Disney's hit TV show Gravity Falls sees the end of the Pines twins' paranormal adventures through this mysterious town in Oregon where stranger things happening every day. It was very sad to see the end of the Pines' hilarious but thrilling adventures but fans will have this show a longing place to their hearts forever. Nothing says that this is already an instant classic 'till the very end.

6) The fourth season of Orphan Black sees Sarah Manning and the Clone Club uncover the Neolution conspiracy, even with disastrous results. From unlikely alliances, betrayals, suspense, every episode in the fourth season is explosive in every way and we can expect how it ends when the fifth and final season is coming next year. Get ready to say farewell with the Clone Club, ladies, and gents.

7) Nickelodeon's new cartoon show, The Loud House, centers on the hilarious misfits of Lincoln Loud, who lives in a household packed with ten sisters, four pets, and an endless mess of chaos one after another. Be it a power outage, Luan's pranks, sneaking on a live concert, a ride on a limo, having a crush on a tutor, or even saving Christmas, every moment is a mess out there but for Lincoln, how hard can it be?!

8) There are 100 Disney Channel Original Movies aired on TV and the 100th DCOM is Adventures of Babysitting, starring Descendants' Sofia Carson and Girl Meets World's Sabrina Carpenter in a hilarious adventure round the city, causing one heck of a ruckus with the kids until it gets sorted out without having the parents knowing it.

9) There's a new addition to the long line of Disney princesses and I'm referring to Elena of Avalor. As a spin-off from the hit TV series Sofia the First, the Crown Princess of Avalor, that is Elena, embarks on an adventure to meet new friends, explore hidden worlds, and restore the glory of her home kingdom. There's even a special episode where two iconic Disney princesses on TV, Sofia and Elena, come together as well.

10) One year has passed since AlDub became a household name in every Filipinos around the world and even though they've celebrated their very milestone with their "Imagine You and Me" film, there's still more unfinished businesses with their Kalyeserye segment on Eat Bulaga until the great moment arrived where they got married and gave birth to their twins Charmaine Nidora and Richard Nidoro.

11) The 2016 rebirth of GMA's hit fantaserye, Encantadia, is more than just a rebirth, it's the continuation that picks up where the original saga left. By witnessing the longstanding battle of the four kingdoms and the sangres that guard the four elemental jewels, the 2016 Encantadia has became one of the must-watched shows not just in the Philippines but also worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

12) Who says men make the most fun on their late night shows? For Samantha Bee, she broke barriers by hosting her new late night show titled Full Frontal, showing that even women can make the most fun on it.

13) The new Netflix original series Stranger Things is one heck of a scarefest for bingewatchers as bizarre-looking children became the center of this new series when people in a small town of Hawkins went missing.

14) From the world of Doctor Who comes a new spin-off show called Class. It's about the life and times of Coal Hill students trying to deal with their daily lives until they can take care with series of catastrophes they can brace themselves. War, fear, invasion, it's just another day at Coal Hill in a new Doctor Who spin-off that has more sex appeal than the other spin-off series, Torchwood.

15) The Heroes vs. Aliens crossover event of four DC comics shows is one on the many ways they can't get enough of craving with Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. On this four-day epic crossover event, heroes from different sides of the universe band together to stop an imminent alien threat one after another until it was averted.

16) While Whovians are waiting for the new season of Doctor Who, the 2016 Christmas special, titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio, is a definitive proof that The Doctor is back. With special guests Justin Chatwin from Orphan Black, Matt Lucas, and Charity Wakefield, The Doctor made a fateful encounter with a masked superhero while dealing with a earth-threatening conspiracy.

There are so many great TV stuff happened in 2016 but let's leave it here and move on to the next topic on this yearender.

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