Monday, December 5, 2016

Sixth-Generation Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

2017 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Based on the current-generation Chevrolet Camaro, which came out last year, this all-new convertible model features all of the same stuff from its hardtop equivalent, only now in a soft-top roof configuration.

Since the last century, a convertible muscle car has been every car enthusiast's weekend car and while it was slightly different than its hardtop equivalent, especially the weight difference, the perks of having a convertible muscle car is that you don't need to turn on the air conditioning and let the breeze freshen you up while driving on a hot sunny weekend and you can also hear the sounds of the engine noise transmitted to the exhaust pipe even better because with no roof, taking a stroll to the open roads is a weekend tradition for the car enthusiasts.

For the new Camaro Convertible, just like the hardtop equivalent, you get a choice of three different engine configurations that suits your taste. First and obviously not recommended for the serious speedo boys, a 2.0L turbo engine that produces 275hp of power. Then, there's a mid-range 3.6L V6 engine delivering 335HP of power. And finally, the best ever 6.2L V8 on the SS version producing 455HP of power and same amount for torques. Both are mated with a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic.

The V8 engine is the best pick because not only it's powerful, it sounds like what a muscle car should be and when you take it on a stroll round the hot Nevada desert, as long as you're not disturbing a top-secret airbase somewhere, the sound of the V8 engine with the roof down is the ideal combination to get addicted to this Camaro even more.

While the Camaro Convertible looks surprisingly addictive with the roof open, the weight difference is what really gets you noticed because even though it weighs more than its hardtop version, its use of lightweight materials makes it lighter than the previous Camaro Convertible. Approach with caution, however, because while this new model is vaguely as American as what American muscle cars can get, the way it handles can be drastically a challenge because even though it comes with the most sophisticated dynamics inspired from European sportscars, its dynamic character, despite its open-top appearance, cannot be ignored because once you're driving it on trackdays, you really don't have the time to feel numb because you're going to need some serious concentration or die trying to control its oversteering woes. Still, it can be worth the fun for the driver who demands.

Speaking of its dynamics the driver demands more challenge, the pricing is what really gets you noticed because the convertible model starts at $32,600, which is over 3,000 dollars more than its rival, a turbocharged Ford Mustang convertible. Yes, that's a bit of a downer in terms of pricing as well as its performance compared to the Mustang opposition per se, but if you really want an open-top sportscar, you're not a fan of the Mustangs, or don't have the cash to buy some European open-top sportscars, perhaps the new Camaro Convertible could be your best bet for the job and even with its ups and downs in store for this new model, you'll know that the way it performs for you will make sense.

Photo: General Motors

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