Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Subaru Chiffon

By surprise, Subaru managed to borrow the current-generation Tanto compact minivan from Daihatsu, which is now under the control of Toyota Motor Corporation, just to sell it from the dealership as the new Chiffon, a sweet named for a borrowed Tanto kei minivan.

2017 Subaru Chiffon
2017 Subaru Chiffon Custom

As you may know, the new Subaru Chiffon borrows the recently facelifted Daihatsu Tanto for this and just like the Tanto, the Chiffon offers two different styles that suit their individualities. There's the standard Chiffon for the basic and then there's the Chiffon Custom for those who want to express themselves anywhere.

2017 Subaru Chiffon interior
2017 Subaru Chiffon Custom interior

Whichever Chiffon they would choose, they would still be welcomed by the tall and wide space for the interior that is tall enough for a basketball player to get in without compromise. There's even the pillarless sliding door on the passenger side just like the Tanto, which allows freedom to get in and out of the car without compromise. With practicality mainly focused on this car, the Chiffon, despite its sizing, can be a decent family car full-stop for those who got recently married and had kids for the very first time, or a car fit for a night out on a town with your mates who want to see some concerts, movies, any nightlife-related stuff they know about.

2017 Subaru Chiffon

Just like the Tanto, the new Subaru Chiffon's 660cc engine comes with the latest e:S Technology from the Pleo+, which is a borrowed Daihatsu Mira e:S, capable of bringing a fuel economy of 28.0km/L based on JC08 Mode standards. As for the Custom models, everyone knows that variants like these are offered with an exclusive turbocharged 660cc engine for 64PS of power output, nippy enough for the people on the go.

And then goes to the safety part of the car and just like the Tanto, the Chiffon is offered with SMART ASSIST 3, which improves the previous SMART ASSIST II features by giving it the world's smallest stereo cameras that can detect moving objects even more accurately without interfering with the driver's view and overhead space. It even comes with a collision warning function, lane departure warning, false start suppression control function, preceding vehicle start notification, and auto high beam. Just so you know.

The new Subaru Chiffon starts at 1,285,200 Yen for the base model while the Chiffon Custom starts at 1,617,840 Yen. Sounds reasonable for a Subaru-badged Daihatsu Tanto sold at most Subaru dealerships.

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.

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