Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Grand Tour - Episode 4

The Grand Tour Episode 4

On the fourth episode of Amazon's original car show, The Grand Tour, the boys are solving a major environmental problem involving eco-friendly materials used on cars by driving their Discovery-based cars using the sustainable materials of their choosing. James May's car is made of mud while Richard Hammond's car is like a habitat for wildlife and Jeremy Clarkson's car is made mostly of bones and animal skin, which is rather scary.

On their way to a disclosed location to do some endurance racing against certain opponents in question, the gang are venturing through the woods while pieces of materials are falling apart, well mostly for James. During the trip, his idea of a mud-bodied car didn't work so he tried polluting the nature for some alternatives. He tried bricks but it didn't work so he tried hay instead. As they make it to the race, their sustainable material cars got beaten up by cars with steel bodies real good.

During the episode, Jeremy Clarkson's making the case on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the hardcore version of the Porsche 911, and tries comparing it to the BMW M4 GTS, the hardcore version of the BMW M4. Then, Jimmy Carr is the latest casualty in this episode's Celebrity Braincrash, and the gang found out a clever way how criminals smuggle people using cars.

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