Thursday, December 15, 2016

Yokai Watch 3 Sukiyaki

When the Yokai Watch 3 games, Sushi and Tempura, went on sale for the Nintendo 3DS a few months ago along with the new set of medals to further enhance their gaming pleasure, fans of Level 5's hit monster game continue their search for more troublemaking Yokais in an all new adventure and throughout the course of the game, fans even managed to add new Yokais to their entourage, including new favorites like K. Koma, K. Jirou, Tomnyan, and others. Now, a new and definitive third version, titled Yokai Watch 3 Sukiyaki, turns the latest installment up to eleven, leading it now to the upcoming third Yokai Watch film hitting theaters this Saturday.

Yokai Watch 3 Sukiyaki
Same gameplay as seen from the Sushi and Tempura games but Sukiyaki offers new and exciting features never before seen on the first two versions, delivering a definitive Yokai Watch 3 experience like no other, well the storyline is the same as the first two as Yokai Watch 3 centers on Keita (Nate) and Jibanyan going to America while Inaho and USApyon are staying in Japan in search for more troublemaking Yokais they can encounter. Two worlds, new Yokais, new adventures, what could possibly go wrong?!

Anyway, those who played either Sushi or Tempura know what this is but Sukiyaki has tons of new features. One of the new features is the new Yokai Busters T mode, where four players can team up and fight their way through different dungeon layouts in search for treasure while battling through tons of enemies, including powerful guardians that requires some cooperative strategy. Is your Yokai up enough for this new challenge? This new mode is standard on the Sukiyaki version but Sushi and Tempura users can get this new mode via DLC.

Exclusive on the Sukiyaki version is a brand new storyline inspired from the upcoming "Yokai Watch Soratobu Kujira to Double Sekai no Daibouken da Nyan!" movie. Watch how Koalanyan, one of the stars of the latest Yokai Watch film, switch dimensions and you will see the difference between animated Keita (Nate) and Jibanyan and their other dimensional selves, just like in the movie, while taking on a mysterious whale-like Yokai interfering their dimensions. There are new Yokais exclusive on the Sukiyaki version while promising over 600 Yokais to meet and join in your entourage, and a special Sukiyaki-exclusive quest with a special appearance by Fumi-chan (Katie)!

Download or physical, whichever you bought this game, you will receive one of two special Yokais for use in-game or with the Yokai Watch Dream toy. Those who bought it physical will get a ultra-powerful Kakusei Enma medal while those who bought it via download will add a special USAtofu in-game.

Believe it or not, you can carry over your Sushi or Tempura progress on the new Sukiyaki version of Yokai Watch 3 game but if you have a save data from the Yokai Sangokushi spin-off game, you will get special versions of Jibanyan, Whisper, Komasan, Komajirou, Fuyunyan (Hovernyan) and USApyon based from that spin-off game to the Sukiyaki game. Put these special Yokais to good use! You'll gonna need them (and their corny jokes, too).

So, welcome everyone to the most definitive version of your Yokai Watch 3 experience. With all the same stuff from the Sushi/Tempura versions while adding some Sukiyaki-exclusive content and the new Yokai Busters T mode for four-player fun, what could possibly go wrong?

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