Saturday, January 9, 2016

An encounter with Jake on latest Kalyeserye!

After days of speculation of figuring out who in God Gave Me You is Jake while Alden Richards wrapping up his Middle Eastern tour, the recent Kalyeserye on GMA's Eat Bulaga finally uncovered who the heck is Jake, who claims to be Yaya Dub's classmate collaborating on a school project of some sorts.

His name is Juan Emilio Ejercito and he's the classmate of Yaya Dub in Marketing class. He turned out to be a good guy and a good student helping Yaya Dub with their homework. Right now, he's going to leave for Singapore due on Monday and he handed over the school project to Yaya Dub.

After their encounter with Jake, they've received a phone call and then...What happened to Alden?!

Keep watching Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more Kalyeserye antics!

Photo: Official Eat Bulaga Facebook page


On the January 8, 2016 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Kilala nyo gags

- More Patok Taktiks examined

- A young boy's sharing a story to a certain palaboy

- Derick Monasterio takes on TSUGI O CHORVA!

- Constable's got caught on cam!

 - What happens when stuff seen on TV not suitable for younger audiences does Inside Out?

- Two boys trying to get noticed by a lady...

- An average life of an average man...

- A haggle before buying a new car

- Two competitive markets trying to outsell each other...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Let's Do The News! (January 8, 2016)

- The Bureau of Immigration chief Siegfred Mison was sacked by the President of the Philippines amid persistent allegations of corruption. Mison was replaced by Palace official Ronaldo Geron Jr. as the report from the National Bureau of Investigation revealed that Mison and 17 others liable for the repeated escapes of a South Korean detained at the BI.

- According to reports, the bank accounts of ousted chief justice Renato Corona had only ten thousand pesos left since the Sandiganbayan issued a freeze order on his assets and that of his wife Cristina in March of last year. Corona's account in Land Bank yielded over two thousand pesos in deposits.

- Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said that the one billion peso budget cut on contraceptives under the Reproductive Health Law is immoral as this cut threatens to deprive millions of women of reproductive health services. In its bicameral conference for the 2016 budget, Congress decided to slash the budget for contraceptives in favor of funding the assets upgrade of the Department of National Defense.

- Satellite imagery showcased North Korea's nuclear test site about 40 minutes after the first hydrogen bomb test last Wednesday. The Institute for Science and International Security released the imagery on Thursday.

- Meanwhile, South Korea closes observation points from their demilitarized zone with North Korea before resuming anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts because of possible provocations by the North. Right now, North Koreans were seen gathering at a park on Friday in honor of the birthday of their leader Kim Jong-un.

- Earlier, reports told that Saudi Arabian planes bombed the damaged Iranian embassy building in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, and injured its staff. Since March, Saudi Arabia and other Arab coalition countries have been carrying out airstrikes against Iran-supported Shia insurgents in the neighboring Yemeni civil war last year. The Saudi-led coalition forces denied the allegation by Iran that their warplanes damaged the Iranian embassy in Yemen.

- An uncovered video footage shows that the Islamic State militants rigged remote control car bombs to avoid getting spotted by detection systems.

- A fire broke out at the Olympic Park at Rio de Janeiro, the main venue for this year's Olympic games. It occurred in a makeshift structure used as an office for construction work. Part of the structure was burned but workers managed to put the fire under control. No casualties reported. Some reports told that the fire was set by protesters who demand unpaid wages.


Forza Motorsport 6: The HQ Monaro GTS350

As Forza Motorsport 6's tribute to Australian motoring continues, the recently launched Polo Red Car Pack introduced us Holden's HQ Monaro, the second generation of Australia's first sports machine.

monaro (2)

The second-generation Holden Monaro, designated as HQ, was launched in 1971, marking it an evolution to the car known as Australia's first sports machine everyone can afford one. This generation introduced the LS model, featuring four headlights and chrome trim rings inspired from the Premier saloon.

In the GTS model, it's been offered with an Australian-made 253 cu in engine, a 308 cu in engine, or the top-spec GTS350 with the 350 cu in engine sourced from the Chevrolet Corvette.

There were problems faced on the GTS 350 model since its launch following the erosion of the cachet that led to the removal of 350 decals on post-1973 models. In its final 1974 year, the 4-speed manual gearbox was deleted and sales of the automatic model were in all-time low due to the engine option quietly removed from the lineup.

Now, a factory-spec GTS 350 is considered a rarity for Australian car enthusiasts with the coupe fetching as much as 100,000 Australian dollars.


There was a certain advert where touring car legend Peter Brock test drove a Monaro GTS (in four-door form) at a New South Wales Police Driver Training Circuit. He says that when you turn the steering wheel, the car turns. When you put your foot on the brakes, it stops. The four-speed gearbox has beautiful gear ratio, meaning it gets to the right gear at the right corner. What impresses Peter Brock the most about the HQ Monaro GTS is because it is so stable and predictable, it is an effortless car to drive. It's made for every driver who understands motorcars and it does everything better than most.

Although the Monaro I'm driving in Forza Motorsport 6 is the 2-door GTS350 version, it does everything like what Mr. Brock said in the advert. From the way it behaves, the gearbox, the V8 engine, it's still an effortless car to drive and for the driver who understands motorcars, it does everything better than most.

Learning from the past, it's hard to think why the Land Down Under gave us some of the most impressive cars in history and with the demise of Australian car production draws near, it's imperative that a game like this provided us some of the most historic Australian greats like this. We already tried the Torana A9X and the VL Commodore in the past DLC Packs in-game and with the HQ Monaro GTS 350, I think our tribute to Australian motoring may have done just that.

Speaking of which, I want to try this beast out in Bathurst and see how the HQ Monaro GTS lives up to its promise.

At the end of the lap, the HQ Monaro GTS 350 did it in 2:56.252, and while it may not be the quickest by modern standards, the HQ Monaro GTS 350 does live up to the promises and for the man who loves motorcars most, this Monaro does the job effortlessly.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let's Do The News! (January 7, 2016)

- The Department of National Defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin reminded soldiers to remain apolitical a month before the campaign period for the May 2016 elections starts. In a speech delivered in Camp Aguinaldo, Gazmin noted that being nonpartisan is part of their mandate. Armed Forces chief General Hernando Iriberri said that soldiers who engage in partisan politics will be punished.

- The Metro Manila Development Authority issued a traffic advisory and announced the closed roads and alternate routes to give way for the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene this coming Saturday.

- US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton filed an appeal to a local court to reverse his conviction in the killing of transgender Jennifer "Jeffrey" Laude and sought a bail and a reduction of his six to 12-year jail term. According to his lawyer, Pemberton didn't kill the transgender in a motel room after they met in a disco bar two years ago and that his sentence should be eased because he surrendered to authorities.

- According to the South Korean Defense Minister, the recent hydrogen bomb test conducted by North Korea is aimed at promoting national unity ahead of the nation's first ruling party congress in 36 years. The ministry believes that it is unlikely that the explosion was caused by the H-bomb and it carried out in order to boost solidarity ahead of the congress.

- The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published a special edition marking one year since Islamic extremists killed 12 people, including the chief editor and police officers, on its head office in Paris last year. The weekly published one million copies of the special issue for readers in France and elsewhere.

- Chinese reports told that two civilian aircraft successfully landed on a newly built airfield at Fiery Cross Reef, proving that it's capable to handle large civilian aircraft. The US and Vietnam expressed concern over test flights to an artificial island in the disputed South China Sea.

- Two big reveals from Chevrolet! First at the 2016 CES, there's the Bolt electric compact car which promises a 200-mile range, and then there's the first-ever Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback, due for 2016 NAIAS unveiling. Both of these will be on sale this Autumn 2016.

2017 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback
2017 Chevrolet Bolt

- The first ever images of the first-ever Hyundai IONIQ hybrid car were officially unveiled. Hyundai's full-hybrid car due to be on sale this year with an electric version and PHEV to follow soon.

2017 Hyundai IONIQ

- Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima will be inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame. Last year, Kojima left Konami moments after the success of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and following his departure, he established his own game studio under the standalone Kojima Productions name and collaborating with Sony for a PS4-exclusive game soon.

- Binge-watchers of the world, rejoice! Online video-streaming service Netflix will launch in 130 more countries including the Philippines! As of now, Netflix is now offered in Azerbaijan, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, and more. In the Philippines, new members will get the first month free and when the trail expires, they are offered with three subscription packages; Basic (P370), Standard (P460) and Premium (P550). Either way, customers can enjoy the best films, TV shows, and Netflix originals such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Marvel's Jessica Jones, and much more.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Let's Do The News! (January 6, 2016)

- Rizalito David, the senatorial bet who was defeated in the 2013 elections, filed a manifestation against Senator Grace Poe to consolidate the two cases filed against her before the supreme court. Earlier, David filed a petition to reverse the decision of the Senate Electoral Tribute to affirm the natural-born citizenship of Poe.

- According to Senator Antonio Trillanes III, if Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte became president, it will be a disaster for the Philippines because his methods may not work in the national scale. Trillanes, who is seeking the vice presidency, said Duterte should think twice about fulfilling his promises about running the nation.

- The Banco De Oro assured that its management has been cooperating with authorities to resolve the issue involving an altercation between the two clients. On the 30th of December, a woman allegedly attacked the mother-in-law of Quezon City 2nd District Representative Alfred Vargas inside the BDO branch at the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Dona Juan Street, Quezon City.

- North Korea has conducted its first hydrogen bomb test according to state-run media. According to the state-run media, they've successfully conducted the test at 1000 hours Korean Time. The test was conducted as a defensive measure to counter against the USA and other so-called antagonists. Right now, the South Korean government strongly condemned the recent test, saying the country will face consequences. Deputy chief of national security Cho Tae-yong called the North's recent hydrogen bomb test a clear violation of UNSC resolutions and stressed that they will take all necessary measures and brace for provocations by the North.

- Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised that his nation will investigate last week's attac on an Indian Air Force base by suspected militants. Last week, the airforce base in northern India was attacked and left seven troops dead. Six militants were also killed. The Pakistani PM made a phone call with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to express condolences and collaborate to take prompt action as requested.

- The Turkish government is prepared to take the necessary steps to ease the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran following the execution of a Shia cleric led to an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran. The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that the two nations are allies and efforts should be made to prevent escalating tensions between the two nations.

- BMW showcased an i8-based Vision Future Interaction Concept for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, demonstrating its user-friendliness.

BMW i Vision Future Interation Concept

- The Polo Red Car Pack for the Forza Motorsport 6 is out now, featuring six new machines to drive in-game such as the Lykan Hypersport, Formula Mazda, Toyota's TS040 Hybrid, the legendary "Kenmeri" Nissan Skyline GT-R KPGC110, the #1 NISMO MOTUL AUTECH GT-R, Opel Kadett C GT/E, and the Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350.

- GET READY, Raura fans. The series finale of Disney Channel's hit TV series, Austin and Ally, will air on the 10th of January, 2016, at 8:30 pm ET/PT. Time to say goodbye to everyone's favorite singer-songwriter duo as they'll take one last bow they will never forget.


How to dress as one of μ's

The school idol group μ's from the ever popular Love Live! School Idol Project franchise. Once started as a fan-sourced project made by a certain anime magazine, now propelled into one of the most successful franchises in the world and because it's so successful, everyone's fighting to get their products be known to μ's. From Honoka, Eli, Kotori, Umi, Rin, Maki, Nozomi, Hanayo, and Nico, every μ's member is unique in every tangible way and together, they can achieve the impossible not just for their school but to have their presence as a group be known to the world.

μ's Final Love Live
Image: Project Love Live!

Yes, with μ's Final Love Live concert coming at the end of March 2016, looks like the send-off for one of the most iconic anime teams of all time will be a big one and looks like we can expect lots and lots of μ's cosplay even before, during, or after μ's grand finale. Of course, the rate of Love Live cosplays are very common ever since the anime began last January 2013, there's no shortage of those but if you're new here, best to give you some guidelines on how to dress as one of μ's.

As we learned from the 765PRO ALL-STARS from THE IDOLM@STER (yes, I've mentioned it because of a certain point I'm going to make right about now), these idols are well-known for their wardrobe on their on-screen antics and because of so many wardrobe to choose from, guess I'll be focusing more on the hairstyles while leaving the wardrobe up to you.

As Honoka Kousaka: Honoka's a second year student and the mastermind behind μ's upon observing a certain school idol group at a certain school that sparked her an idea that would save Otonokizaka High from imminent closure, She's the kind of idol she would never give up on her friends. Actually, being Honoka isn't so bad at all, especially if you're going to become her for your cosplay plans. All you need is a semi-long orange hair that is not too long, not too short, just the right size. If you got the right hairdo, make sure the tail of your hair goes to your right. Perhaps ribbons or any other hair accessories would work just to replicate the Honoka look. If you got your hairstyle that matches Honoka's, the wardrobes are up to you.

As Eli Ayase: Eli Ayase is a quarter Russian senior student of Otonokizaka High and the president of the school's student council. At first, she denied Honoka's idea of having a school idol group but later on, because of Eli's desperate goal to save the school, she became part of μ's. Although her personality is cool as ice, her iconic smart and cute characteristics donned her the KKE nickname. That's Kashikoi Kawaii Elichika. Becoming the quarter Russian school idol is no slouch. First, save a long blonde wig for the job. For blondes with long hair, disregard this notice or if you cut your hair by accident, best to have one. If you got the blonde hair ready, give it a more sophisticated ponytail look to replicate that KKE appeal. With the hairdo now KKE-worthy, feel free to pick on the outfits either from the anime or from the School Idol Festival game regardless of rarity. Oh, and don't forget Elichika's keyword; Хорошо!

As Kotori Minami: Kotori's a second year student and one of Honoka's childhood friends. A kindhearted idol with a pure heart, Kotori's got a talent for making costumes for μ's. Actually, you may find that Kotori sounds and looks like a little girl, making her one of the most adorable members of μ's, and becoming her isn't a hard task. First, the wig of choice has to be long and it's sorta amber-colored. I bet it's colored amber but anyway, with the amber-colored hair ready, be ready with an array of hair accessories (ribbons presumably) that can be placed on your right side. Again, your right side. With Kotori's hair now in session, feel free to choose whatever costumes you like.

As Umi Sonoda: Umi's a second year student and one of Honoka's childhood friends. She's a member of the school's archery club and although she's the silent type, this μ's member is a sharp instrument, although she might find her dull in a game of cards. For those who want to dress as Umi, there's only one major requirement for this job: a long blue-colored hair. That's it. Just a long blue-colored hair and the outfits that Umi wore in the series are up to you.

As Rin Hoshizora: Rin is a freshman student who loves sports and of course, ramen. Although being the sporty type of idol you would want to hang out more often, her feline personality always gets the better of her. Like we learned from Honoka's, best to have an orange wig for the job but this time, make it shorter. With the short orange hair now primed and ready, feel free to decide on which outfit you'll dress.

As Maki Nishikino: Maki's a freshman student and her parents run a very successful hospital, therefore she's a rich girl with a sassy attitude. Although being a well-rounded tsundere, she's very skilled at playing the piano. To become Maki, best to get your red wig ready, as long as the sizing's just right to match Maki's. If so, feel free to pick whatever outfits Maki wore but for hotter recommendations, try to dress as Maki in her Wonderful Rush outfit. That will make fanboys wet their pants during bedtime.

As Nozomi Tojo: Nozomi's a senior student and the vice president of the school's student council. Although fortune-telling is Nozomi's top specialty as well as her caring personality, don't let her luck get the drop onto you because deep down, she can be very conniving, especially her signature "washi washi" pose. Aside from being the big-chested member of μ's, she's also got one of the biggest pigtails of any anime character you know, To do so, find a long hair that has shades of violet, then give it a twin-tail look to replicate Nozomi's. If done, feel free to choose whatever outfit Nozomi wore in the show.

As Hanayo Koizumi: Hanayo's a freshman, just like Rin and Maki, and although she has a bashful personality, her responsibility as one of μ's shows that she's doing her best to change. Believe it or not, she has love for plain white rice, which explains a lot. Becoming Kayo-chin is a challenge because while her hair is short, it's hard to tell if it's gold or a bit brownish (can't tell which) but if you figured out the color of the short wig that matches Hanayo, be sure to decide which costume best suits your Hanayo cosplay.

As Nico Yazawa: Nico may look like a little girl but she's a senior student just like Nozomi and Eli, and annoyingly a blabbermouth and a clumsy type. Despite her flaws, she's a good idol girl no one can resist her cute charm as well as saying her signature "Nico-Nico-Ni!" catchphrase. Becoming Nico, it takes a black semi-long hair and some twin-tails to do the trick nicely. Once you're done, feel free to decide on the costumes fit for your Nico cosplay. Oh, and don't forget her catchphrase: "Nico-Nico-Ni!

And there you have it. Being one of μ's from the Love Live anime series can be a fun experience either by yourself or with a group of mates as long as the costumes you wore are well matched to the μ's member of your liking. The stage is yours, Lovelivers! 

Fight, Dayo!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Let's Do The News! (January 5, 2016)

- COMELEC asked the Supreme Court for a five-day extension to comment on the petitions of Senator Grace Poe regarding her disqualification cases. They cited the refusal of the Office of the Solicitor General to represent it in the case before the high court.

- The Senate panel reopens the probe on last year's Mamasapano clash for additional hearing. Last November, Senators Juan Ponce ENrile and Tito Sotto filed a motion to reopen the investigation of the Mamasapano incident.

- The House of Representatives will do everything they got to have the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law passed when Congress resumes session on the 19th of January. House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., issued the statement yesterday after the Third Party Monitoring Team urged the government to prepare a fallback position in case Congress fails to pass the BBL.

- The special edition cover of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo featuring a cover cartoon of a god-like image draws controversy. A year has passed since Islamic State militants attacked the Charlie Hebdo offices and shot 12 people dead, including the editor-in-chief.

- The Arab League plans to hold an emergency meeting regarding the recently deteriorating ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The top Arabian foreign ministers will meet up on Sunday in Cairo, Egypt.

- Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabian UN Ambassador defended his country's execution of 47 people convicted of terrorism, including a prominent Shia cleric from Iran. The Ambassador states the majority of the convicts punished by death were Sunni and the move does not fuel sectarian conflicts.

- A museum commemorating the historic Thailand-Burma Railway has opened in Burma. Built during the Second World War in order to ship supplies to the Japanese Imperial Army, it is often nicknamed as the Death Railway because thousands of POWs and local workers died during its construction. The railway was the setting for the movie "The Bridge on the River Kwai". The new museum opened at Thanbyuzayat, the first stop on the Burma side of the border.

- For the 2016 Consumer Electronics Showcase, the newly established Faraday Future unveiled their maiden vehicle; a single-seater EV racecar called the FFZERO1.

- Italian hypercar maker Pagani is teasing an upcoming hardcore version of the Huayra, set to be revealed this year.

- Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach understands why Colombians are upset after the controversy that surrounded the pageant. The situation of her having bashers are nothing new to her. Her message to the Colombians as well as Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez? She states that with these things, she understands that mistakes often happen.

- Philippine TV network ABS-CBN responds on the complaint of alleged humiliations of former talents posted against director Cathy Garcia-Molina.


Monday, January 4, 2016

Let's Do The News! (January 4, 2016)

- Three Supreme Court justices who were members of the Senate Electoral Tribunal, will be inhibited from Senator Grace Poe's disqualification case. The three Associate Justices Antonio Carpio, Teresita Leonardo-De Castro, and Arturo Brion, decided not to take part in the review. According to report, a petitioner, who earlier asked the high court to reverse her case, received the copy of the notice.

- The Department of Defense has allotted a 106.138 million peso budget for the ammunition for the nation's newly acquired FA-50 fighter jets. This budget will be used for the acquisition of 93,600 20mm rounds for the Korean-made fighter jets' machine gun.

- Four big-ticket items for the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines such as radars for territorial defense and drones for combat operations, are awaiting implementations by the Defense Department.

- Numerous jeepney drivers and operators held protest in front of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to oppose the proposal to phase out old jeep units. The proposed phaseout is part of the modernization program of the government but it's not yet finalized according to Transport Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya and LTFRB chairman Winston Ginez.

- Saudi Arabia's decision to cut ties with Iran sparked concerns over further instability in the Middle East. The decision to cut ties came after the execution of a prominent Shia cleric by the Saudi Arabian government, which led protesters in Iran to attack the nation's embassy.

- An Islamic extremist group in Somalia used a clip of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a recruitment video, where Trump calls for banning all Muslims from entering the United States. The extremist group, Al-Shabab, is an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

- A M6.7 quake struck the northeastern region of India, killing six people and injuring 50. The quake, according to the USGS, happened around 0430 hours on Monday. It's focus was 29km west of the city of Imphal at 55km deep.

- Wine production in Japan is expanding as wines made exclusively from domestically-grown grapes are becoming more popular. One example is major beer producer Sapporo Breweries opened a bar specializing in Japanese wines in Tokyo's Ginza district last month. The firm's shipments have tripled in half a decade and plans to develop more high-end products.

- Actress Liza Soberano celebrated her 19th birthday with a boho glamping party at Club Balai Isabel in Batangas last night.

- Pauleen Luna is ready to send out invitations for her wedding with Eat Bulaga presenter Vic Sotto this month. Recently, the coupe led the house blessing rites for their new Laguna home.


Forza Motorsport 6: First taste of the new C63 Coupe

In a bold surprise move, the Mobil 1 Car Pack in Forza Motorsport 6 featured one of the hottest Mercedes-AMG models car enthusiasts are looking forward this 2016. It's the coupe version of Mercedes-AMG's all-new C63. So, what's it all about the new C63?


The arrival of Mercedes-AMG's new C63 not only sees the departure from its previous naming but for the first time in a C-Class, a turbocharged V8 engine is offered, only this time a 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 engine sourced from the Mercedes-AMG GT.

Following the four-door saloon and the estate model, the coupe version of the Mercedes-AMG C63 is added on the range and sales will be commenced in the first quarter of 2016 in Europe. It made its world premier at the Frankfurt International Motor Show last September 2015.

The base C63's 4.0L V8 engine produces 469HP of power and 479  lb-ft of torque but in the high-end S model, it produces 503HP of power and 516 lb-ft of torque, around four less than the previous limited-edition C63 Edition 507. Mated with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed gearbox, the C63 S Coupé accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and top speed electronically limited to 250kph or 290 km/h with the optional AMG Driver's Package.

Aside from the engine, the new C63 Coupe offers improved dynamics such as the AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers, AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes, the rear-axle limited-slip differential or the dynamic engine mounts.

c63 (2)

Although this is essentially the coupe model, I am more than happy to be one of the lucky people to experience what's like behind the wheel of the all new Mercedes-AMG C63. So, what's it like to drive? Well, like all good idols, a good sportscar needs to excel in three traits; Visuals, Vocals, and Dance. In the Visual side, it looks striking to look at and overall, it's surprisingly sexy as a dead man who shot himself at the head but amazingly survived. In the vocals, well because it has a similar engine output as the Mercedes-AMG GT sportscar, you might think that this downsized V8 will produce a much weaker noise compared to the old C63's 6.2L V8 but to my amazement, it sounds rougher than ever before. As the way this car dances, well, I guess it will be the ideal time to compare this to the BMW M4.


The venue for the deadly rivalry between the two super two-door saloons is Hockenheimring but I've gone to the National Circuit layout because they're essentially road cars. In short observation, I might think that the new C63 has the upper hand against the M4 because it's much more powerful but the M4 weighs less than the M4, meaning that this duel will be very one-sided. Without further ado, let battle commence...

After one hot lap later, the results are in. The M4 did it in 1:54.970 while the new Mercedes-AMG C63 did it in 1:53.356, which means that despite the added weight, the new C63 performed better than the M4 thanks to its clever dynamics, powerful engine, and its motorsport knowhow  Looks like Mercedes knows how to fight back against the opposition.
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