Saturday, May 28, 2016

Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass

Six years ago, Disney gave us a live action rebirth of the legendary tale of Alice In Wonderland in collaboration with the eccentric Tim Burton. The rebirth sees a teenage Alice venturing through the fantasy world in search of her true destiny. Packed with imaginative cast of characters, the live action Alice in Wonderland was known to be one of the most fantastic family films at the start of this decade. Now, were in the mid-10's and at long last, a continuation to Alice's story is at hand.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

It's called Alice Through the Looking Glass and this film follows the same whimsical recipe as the 2010 Alice in Wonderland rebirth did and this time, it's about returning a big favor. Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Michael Sheen, Alan Rickman, and Stephen Fry, among many others are reprising their roles from the previous Alice in Wonderland film six years ago.

In this film, Alice returns to the Wonderland in order to save the Mad Hatter before it's too late. To do that, she has to find the Chronosphere, which allows her to turn back time. Venturing through the distant past, Alice meets up with her friends and enemies, new and old, at different timeframes and then set off to a race-against-time adventure to save the Hatter.

Compared to the 2010 rebirth of Alice in Wonderland, the Looking Glass delivers an all-original storyline while sticking true to the Wonderland fantasy the whole family would enjoy. Although, it may have a rough start, this film keeps wowing viewers with some eye-popping visuals that adds some color and zest to the once remarkable storyline we are familiar with. While the Looking Glass may be one of the most captivating family movies to watch before summer kicks in, I am fully aware that there are some people may call this film to be cute, as are the characters in the film. Well, they already saw the 2010 rebirth of Alice in Wonderland so they are fully familiar with the characters in this new chapter of Alice's tale but for those who never saw the rebirth, then it's okay. There's nothing meaningless about the film even if you never watched the first one but if you're here for the story, best to view the original first before jumping in to the latest story. Here for the story of just for the fun of it, the Looking Glass is just one of the main reasons why the collaboration between Disney and Tim Burton looks colorful and tasteful in the eyes of moviegoers.

My rating: 4.3 out of 5.

Red Nose Day USA 2016

Last Thursday night, NBC aired the RED NOSE DAY USA 2016 TV special, where the best celebrities from TV and movies ham it out and bring some silliness to the audience while giving help to those in need not just in America but the rest of the world. We've seen celebs doing ridiculous comic skits, musical performances, and some, while others doing humanitarian aid on across the globe, which is the main motif of what RED NOSE DAY is all about.

For 2016, comedian Craig Ferguson is this year's presenter and Americans seen this year's fun at RED NOSE DAY such as a Date with Tony Hale, Sarah Silverman's RND pitches, special messages from Jay Pharoah's friends, Blake Shelton Performs Savior's Shadow, a so-called The Walking Dead RND special with Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Key and Peel get kind, Margot Robbie takes a Red Nose Bath, Jack Black gives back, and even the scary guys love RND too. In terms of humanitarian aid, we seen rapper-actor Ludacris fighting hunger in Atlanta, stars introducing kids from different parts in the world who faced hardships through their lives, Jack Black's humanitarian mission in Uganda, and more.

In case you missed this year's special: (US residents only)

Anyway, before, during, and after this year's RED NOSE DAY USA, over 31.5 million dollars were raised for kids in need across America and around the globe, all thanks to Walgreens customers purchasing red noses, FUN-raisers across the USA, iconic buildings glow red throughout the week, and all the love spread throughout social media.

The 2016 RED NOSE DAY USA was a complete success just like the first one last year and it all thanks to viewers like you.


On the May 27, 2016 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Di Inimbitahan gags

- Hugot lines on canvassing

- Management training turns ugly

- Meet the rejected mutants who will fail to save the world.

- The Pool Señorita tries to take a stand on the swimming pool!

- Bubble Gang does Bonakid Pre-School by spoofing this commercial as BUENAKID PRE-SCHOOL! Batang May Laban.

- The boys found better ways to deal with  election campaign materials.

- More news reversed in Opposite News!

- The Bubble Gang tries their new closing game called BASA-BASA-PIK!

Friday, May 27, 2016

About US President Obama's historic Hiroshima visit

Screengrab: NHK World

May 27, 2016 - US President Barack Obama, who is on his final year of his administration, made his historic visit to Hiroshima, Japan, the site that was devastated by the atomic bomb at the last days of the Second World War seven decades ago. Obama is the first sitting American president to visit a war-torn Japanese city and his historic visit to Hiroshima isn't just about reconciliation between the two countries, it's about morality towards a lifelong term for a world without nuclear weapons.

Seven years ago when Obama took office, he made a speech in Prague calling for an end to nuclear weapons and urges him to visit Hiroshima, talk to survivors, and continue to push for disarmament of nuclear weapons. Now, he finally made his promise with his historic visit to Hiroshima following his successful visit at Ise-Shima for the G7 Summit, where he and the other world leaders will collaborate to stabilize the global economy, combat terrorism, and ease tensions on unstable nations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accompanied him during Obama's historic Hiroshima visit, where he made a speech about how the Japanese people felt during the aftermath seven decades ago and how it must be done to prevent the so-called weapons of evil to be fell to the wrong hands.

Because Obama's administration is nearing its climax next year to pave way for his successor (whoever that is, depending on who will win November's election), I believe that his historic Hiroshima visit wasn't just more than worth the trip, but it's for the entrustment of the future of mankind. Because of ongoing conflicts on unstable nations, terrorism, and threats from North Korea, looks like the road for a nuclear-free world will be a very long one because it takes a lifetime for a world superpower like the United States of America to set things right on all the things that went wrong.

Let's Do The News! (May 27, 2016)

- According to a military official, the Armed Forces of the Philippines is ready to spend their budget on modernization rather than spending it to wage war against fellow Filipinos. The budget will instead be used to purchase more firearms and other military equipment that will be used for the country's external defense. That statement came as a framework for the resumption of peace talks between communists and president-elect Rody Duterte's administration is still being laid out.

- Pantaleon Alvarez, Davao del Norte representative, defended yesterday president-elect Rodrigo Duterte over his offense against the Catholic Church, clarifying that he's not fighting against the Church as an institution but only misconducts done by clergymen. Last week, the foul-mouthed Davao mayor called the Catholic Church as "the most hypocritical" institution and warned that he would make public letters from bishops asking for favors.

- The G7 leaders adopted a joint declaration on the final day of the Ise-Shima summit, expressing their commitment to collaborate on the improvement of global economic growth. The leaders say they are committed to reinforce their efforts to address the current economic situation by taking all appropriate policy responses, in a timely manner, to prevent a financial meltdown.

- Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama made his historic arrival at Hiroshima, the first US president to step on the war-torn Japanese city. The president will visit Peace Memorial Park and lay flowers at a cenotaph dedicated to the victims.

- Businessman and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump finally scored enough delegates to secure the party nomination. It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination but Trump now has two more in his belt.
- Following the Toyota 86 minor change, the Subaru BRZ gained its 2017MY minor change packed with numerous upgrades to it powertrain.

2017 Subaru BRZ

- Bentley will retire their legendary 6.75-litre V8 engine with the current Mulsanne soon and it will be replaced by a bigger 12-cylinder engine on its next flagship. This engine has been around since 1959 with numerous updates to keep it fresh.

- The family of the late F1 driver Jules Bianchi will sue FIA, Marussia, and the Formula One Group of companies over his death at the 2014 race at Suzuka.

- If you love Captain America CIVIL WAR, then you'll going to love this news straight from the Marvel universe because they've recently announced the casting call for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film, showing in theaters this late 2017. Apart from Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston reprising their roles as Thor and Loki as well as Idris Elba and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Heimdall and Odin, they've been joined by Cate Blanchett as the villain Hela, the goddess of death, as well as Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster, Karl Urban as Skurge, and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Mark Ruffalo will be joining the film as The Incredible Hulk and yes, we're not joking. Thor and Hulk in one film!

- The first teaser for the upcoming live-action rebirth of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is now up. The movie will hit theaters on the 17th of March, 2017.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

TGUSA: American Aftermarket

Americans love a good aftermarket tuning on their fast cars and for the boys of Top Gear (the hit American TV show), they are trying out some of the best American muscle cars loaded with aftermarket packages. Tanner goes for the Ford Mustang-based Saleen S302 Black Label with a 730HP 302ci Supercharged 5.0L V8, Adam opts for the Chevrolet Camaro-based Hennessey Z/28 HPE650, and Rut goes for the Dodge Challenger-based Petty's Garage 50th Anniversary Challenger loaded with 1100HP of power output when run on race gas.

The first challenge involves a lap round the Las Vegas Motor Speedway using both the donor car and the tuned car at the same time. Tanner wins this challenge.

Using the modified muscles, the gang are challenging themselves to win a spot to review a bespoke Equus Bass 770. In the meantime, the boys are on a track to a drag race against a Porsche 911 Carrera S and whoever beats the 911 faster is the winner. In this challenge, the Rut with the thousand horses is the clear winner.

Arriving at Las Vegas, the boys made mischief through Sin City with some burnouts and a street race that goes from zero to 60 to zero. In this challenge, the Saleen Mustang takes the spot.

At the El Dorado Dry Lake bed, the gang are ready to push the car's limits with a max speed run...with some blindfolds. In this final challenge, Tanner won...

...and nabbed the chance to try out America's elusive and half-a-million dollar muscle car for the privileged few, the Equus Bass 770, a modern muscle car packed with a mixture of designs based on iconic muscle cars and some modern technological and performance touches.

Let's Do The News! (May 26, 2016)

- Philippine President Benigno Aquino III admitted it was too late about the revisionist campaign to change the perception of the public when it comes to martial law. Such campaign was said to have propelled Senator Bongbong Marcos to the front of the vice presidential race. Aquino said there was also disinformation at the time of the senator's infamous father, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

- President-elect Rodrigo Duterte condemned the Commission of Human Rights for its resolution claiming that Duterte violated the Magna Carta for Women regarding his infamous rape joke. He called the CHR "too naive and too simplistic", maintaining that he could not be called out for his remark because he was just exercising his constitutional right to free speech.

- The Japanese government has deployed almost 100,000 police across the country to ensure security during the G7 summit at Ise-Shima. It will be the largest force ever mobilized for a summit in Japan amid fear of terrorist attacks. About 23,000 will be on the summit venue on Kashikojima Island, as well as Chubu International Airport, while 70,000 will be at 3,500 so-called soft targets such as shopping districts and train stations in major cities. 4,600 officers will be deployed at Hiroshima when US President Barack Obama makes his historic visit on Friday.

- US media reported that US State Department has concluded that Democratic presidentiable Hillary Clinton violated the government rules by using a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State.

- The ASEAN defense chiefs have adopted a joint declaration calling for freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, in response to China's increased military presence in the region. The defense ministers from 10 ASEAN countries met in Laos' capital Vientiane on Wednesday. They reaffirmed their position that freedom of navigation and aviation must be upheld for global stability.

- The Russian Athletics Federation says any athlete tested positive for banned drugs in the past will not compete in the upcoming Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Officials from the Russian Olympic Committee said that the International Olympic Committee has notified them that 14 of Russian athletes from three sports are suspected of doping at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

- Because 2016 marks the 15th anniversary of The Fast and the Furious franchise, Universal Pictures brings back the film that started it all this 22nd of June. If you're new or just an aficionado of the hit movie franchise, now's your chance to see the film that started the high-octane race.

- Tales of Zestiria the X, a TV anime adaptation of last year's Tales video game, is set to air this 3rd of July.

- Actor James Reid unexpected shared a kissing photo of him and girlfriend Nadine Lustre. In his Instagram post last Wednesday, James gives a glimpse on how he spent his 23rd birthday.

- Today is AlDub's 45th weeksary.


Honda Accord Hybrid (2017MY Minor Change, CR7)

It's been three years ago when Honda made the Accord, the last of the Honda sedans, into a full-fledged hybrid saloon to compete against Toyota's hybrid-only Camry, and this saloon introduced Honda's new 2-motor hybrid system labeled under the Sport Hybrid banner: i-MMD or Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive. It should have been a good midsize saloon that delivers a good blend of performance or efficiency but...don't know how but Honda finally responded with the 2016 minor change of the Honda Accord Hybrid with an upgraded powertrain.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

For the 2017MY minor change, the Accord Hybrid now features a much simmered front view and a mildly revised rear view looks broadly similar to its pre-facelifted model. With the design becoming more mild-mannered compared to the old one, Honda claims that their newest update will be more fuel efficient and technologically advanced than the old one.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid interior
2017 Honda Accord Hybrid interior

Nothing's changed on the interior design but the hardware's gone revamp courtesy of the application of the available Apple Carplay, a first for Honda. Of course, you don't need to explain what's what about the Apple CarPlay feature but if customers opt in for the top spec EX model, you can get sports combination seats, driving position system, engine start button with Honda Smart Key System, and so on.

Now, let's talk about the upgraded powertrain of the 2017 Accord because there is now a brand new H4 electric motor which replaces the old model's MF8 electric motor. Working alongside the 2.0L Atkinson Cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine, it now produces a combined power output of up to 215PS of power output when set to Hybrid Drive Mode as well as fuel consumption of up to 31.6km/L based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards. Believe it or not, the new 2017 Accord Hybrid now features a Sport button on the electronic gear selector. Push that button and not only it will become sharper through handling but it allows you to change simulated gears via paddle shifters. Sounds good but it's not worth the cut to be a decent sports saloon.

Apart from its newly updated drivetrain, the Accord Hybrid now comes with Honda Sensing, meaning this saloon now comes with lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, and blind-spot warning.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

The 2017MY Honda Accord Hybrid is priced at 3,850,000 up to 4,100,000 Japanese Yen, which is still more costly than the Toyota Camry, but with all that improvements implemented on it, the new Accord Hybrid is slowly becoming a nice car to drive on Japanese roads. With the new Sport mode, added power, and some tech, this hybrid sports saloon is just one step further to seize the competition.

Available colors: Deep Aurora Metallic, Luna Silver Metallic, White Orchid Pearl, Premium Sparkle Black Pearl, and Premium Deep Rosso Pearl.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Overwatch (XBOX One)
Overwatch (PS4)

This is Blizzard Entertainment's latest creation and noteworthy one of the most anticipated games to play for 2016. Called Overwatch, this first-person multiplayer action game not only marks a departure for Blizzard's PC RPG offerings such as Diablo and Warcraft, but this is a fun-filled shooter game where fanbase is expected for players devoted to Blizzard's action packed games.

Unlike any other FPS games, you can't just jump in it and go for a spin because it's multiplayer-focused and if you're playing it on PS4 and X1, you're going to need some subscriptions to go through Overwatch's multiplayer madness and then some.

Anyway, in the futuristic action-packed world of Overwatch, players can choose as one of the 21 playable characters, each with their own distinct abilities to master in the battlefield. They can go for the offensive, defensive, unleash brute force, or assist teammates, whichever floats your boat.

As you get to know your Overwatch character, you can immerse yourself in different locations and each location has different objectives such as battling against a rival team, protect a valuable target, and so on. How you will master these objectives is up to you and your mates. After the game, you can gain experience and when you level up, you can gain in-game credits and bonuses that will fit your favorite characters in style and finesse, no doubt.

Because Overwatch is a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter game, getting in the action is not going to be a very easy task but once you're in the fun, you can't stop playing against other players while mastering your Overwatch character. It maybe complicating to immerse yourself but you won't be disappointed because sooner or later, Overwatch is going to be the next Splatoon because of how unique this game is at all sides and you'll go "Wow! Where did that came from?!"

Good luck fighting for the future, brave individuals!


The 11th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity is being held today until the 27th of May, at the International Convention Center Jeju under the theme of "Asia's New Order and Cooperative Leadership". For this year, the forum will focus on cooperative leadership needed to meet the common challenge the global community is facing with over 4,000 participants from 60 countries attending for 69 sessions.

Among the speakers for this year's Jeju forum are UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, former Japanese premier Tomiichi Murayama, former Singapore premiere Goh Chok Tong, and CTO and Co-founder of Tesla Motors J.B. Straubel.

The forum is organized by the Jeju Peace Institute and hosted by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, International Peace Foundation and East Asia Foundation.

As for Ban Ki-moon, he will fly to Japan on Thursday to attend the G7 Summit and return to South Korea on Friday. His final day will be spent in Gyeongju in the southeast, where he will attend a regional UN conference before returning to Washington DC next Monday.

Ban's visit is getting an extra attention, as he is widely expected to run in South Korea's next presidential election in 2017, but Ban remains mum about his plans after his final term as UN chief ends this December.

Source: Arirang News

Let's Do The News! (May 25, 2016)

- The Commission on Human Rights ruled that Davao City Mayor and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte violated the Magna Carta of Women over his controversial rape joke regarding the gang rape and killing of an Australian missionary. The CHR said that words and actions of Duterte were discriminatory of women that is enjoined by the Magna Carta of Women. Their resolution suggested that the Civil Service Commission and the Department of Interior and Local Government take appropriate measures.

- Former Justice Secretary and Senator-Elect Leila de Lima revealed that it was President Benigno Aquino III who asked her to help out Liberal Party's vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo as the latter faces allegations of election fraud from Senator Bongbong Marcos. De Lima is working as an overall consultant of Robredo's legal team.

- Human rights activists in Indonesia condemned the government to name the late dictator Suharto a national hero and urged them to reject the idea, given the late president's track record of alleged human rights violation and corruption. If done, the current government would endorse the military authoritarianism that Suharto upheld during his administration, which resulted in violence and led to the disappearance and death of many victims.

- The Afghan Taliban militants confirmed that their leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed in a US Drone strike last week but they named Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada, one of Mansour's deputies, as his replacement.

- Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden made their cases on Tuesday for why they should be elected to a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. The open debates at the UN are the first in its 7-decade history to subject candidates for Security Council seats to questions from member states and non-government organizations.

- Onto the presidential primaries; Republican presumptive presidentiable Donald Trump and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton win Washington state's primaries.

- China-based tech giant Huawei filed patent infringement lawsuit against South Korea's Samsung in the US and China, in a case that highlights the rise of Asian competitors as technology creators. Huawei said it wants "reasonable compensation" but gave no financial figure for its claim against Samsung.

- Former racing driver and motoring journalist Tiff Needell announced the end of motoring TV show Fifth Gear via Twitter. The motoring TV show hosted by old Top Gear presenters Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson (and many others) once aired on Channel 5 from 2002 and transferred to Discovery Channel UK from 2012 to 2014, and History Channel UK since last year.

- Warner Brothers Japan announced that a live-action movie adaptation of the hit anime and manga series Fullmetal Alchemist is underway. Shooting will take place in Italy next month and wrap up in Japan in mid August. The film will be released early 2017 and it will star Ryosuke Yamada as Edward Elric, Tsubasa Honda as Winry Rockbell, and Dean Fujioka as Col. Roy Mustang.

- Kangin from the K-POP boy group Super Junior is currently under investigation for DUI. The star allegedly crashed through a street lamp somewhere in Gangnam by around 0200 hours local time while driving a rented luxury car. No one was hurt. This is the second time this Super Junior member got DUI since seven years ago.


Renault Talisman Estate

Now, let's introduce to Renault's brand new Talisman Estate, a station wagon derivative of Renault's recently launched Talisman saloon, which replaced both the lackluster Laguna and Latitude saloons, and available exclusively for left-hand drive European markets and South Korea. Unlike the saloon, the estate will not be offered in Asia (even South Korea) because it will be offered exclusively in left-hand drive European markets.

2016 Renault Talisman Estate

At first glance, the estate version looks broadly similar to the saloon equivalent. It's got Renault's new signature design first seen in last year's Espace, the questionable interior with the tall touchscreen on the dashboard, and the choice of engines, but because this is the estate version, it offers a much larger boot space fit enough for your next recreational trip. It offers 572dm3 of load space up to the parcel shelf and a maximum load length of 1,116mm with the seats present but with the rear seats folded, it's now up to 2,010mm, suitable enough to become a company car for logistical purposes.

Also on the estate, it comes with integrated ventilation and new Cover Carving Technology, which frees up more space, including more than three centimeters of extra knee room for rear passengers. 

If you opt in to a more luxurious Initiale Paris model, the Talisman Estate offers premium features that is too close to call it first-class such as full-grain Napa leather upholstery, improved soundproofing thanks to laminated side windows, and a seat cushion length that can be adjusted by up to 60mm.

Just like the saloon version, the Talisman Estate comes with the Multi-Sense feature which allows the driver to switch through four different modes (Neutral, Eco, Comfort, and Sport) and a Personal mode where the driver can customize how it affects the lighting, the speedo, the engine sound, the climate control, the seats, the steering, the powertrain, or the suspension. Under the bonnet, customers can still get a 1.6 TCe petrol, a 1.5 dCi diesel, or a 1.6 dCi diesel with different configurations and can be fitted with either a 6-speed manual, 6-speed EDC, or a 7-speed EDC.

For added safety, the Talisman Estate comes with Active Emergency Braking System, Safe Distance Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Automatic High Low Beam, Adaptive Cruise Control, and a feature that allows this car to park by itself.

The estate version of the Renault Talisman starts at 29,100 Euros and it's somewhat more affordable than Peugeot's 508 SW or Volkswagen's Passat Variant. To evaluate this wagon, the Talisman Estate is a much sportier take in the station wagon genre in Europe and with luxurious features and added practicality, this wagon is too succulent for a forbidden fruit for English-speaking Europeans because this estate's all "je ne parle pas l'anglais". Sorry.

Available colors: Gris Cassiopee, Blanc Nacre, Rouge Carmin, Blue Cosmos, Beige Dune, Brun Vison, Noir Etoile, Gris Platine, and Blanc Glacier.

Photo: Renault

Torikoriko PLEASE!!

Uranohoshi Girls High School's idol unit, Aqours, from Love Live! Sunshine!!, the second generation of the Love Live franchise, is divided into three sub-groups in tradition of what the legendary μ's did with Printemps, lily white, and BiBi. First, there's CYaRon! comprising of Chika Takami, You Watanabe, and Ruby Kurosawa. Then, there's Azalea comprising of Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa, and Hanamaru Kunikida, And finally, Guilty Kiss comprising of Riko Sakurauchi, Yoshiko Tsushima, and Mari Ohara.

Torikoriko PLEASE!!

Following CYaRon's Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!, Aqours' AZALEA introduces their first offering called Torikoriko PLEASE!! and judging by their first offering, fans and newcomers of the Love Live franchise will be greeted by two new songs performed by one of Aqours' sub-groups. Come to think of it, if CYaRon's what μ's did to Printemps, then AZALEA is Aqours' equivalent to μ's lily white because by the looks of it, the way Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa, and Hanamaru Kunikida looks and performs in their first single kinda reminds you of lily white. Anyway, no time for flashbacks, because like as told, AZALEA's first single features two new songs as well as a audio drama part starring Kanan, Dia, and Hanamaru themselves.

Also, now with CYaRon! and AZALEA got their first offerings, don't miss Guilty Kiss' first single coming early next month and with these three, you'll never know which of the three Aqours sub-groups is your new favorite!


01. トリコリコPLEASE!!
02. ときめき分類学
03. トリコリコPLEASE!! (Off Vocal)
04. ときめき分類学 (Off Vocal)
05. 淡島ホテルへようこそ❤

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: More workers flee N.Korea-run restaurant

The South Korean government reported that several workers at a restaurant run by North Korea in China have escaped to another country and are seeking asylum in the South.

The South Korean Unification Ministry revealed this on Tuesday, without disclosing how many workers are they or where the restaurant is located. Reports told the defectors are women in their 20's.

Last month, 13 workers defected to the South from a North Korea-run restaurant in China. The recent defections come after North Korea's ruling party held its first congress in 36 years this month to renew loyalty to the country's leader Kim Jong Un.

Source: NHK World

Let's Do The News! (May 24, 2016)

- Former Justice Secretary and Senator-elect Leila De Lima condemns president-elect Rodrigo Duterte's proposal for shoot-to-kill orders and the return of death penalty to curb crimes in the country. De Lima said the shoot-to-kill order is unconstitutional and death penalty is murder, which is also against the law.

- The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced that rainy season is here. According to Esperanza Cayanan of the bureau's weather division, about eight to 17 typhoons is expected to land within the six-month forecast and expected to happen in July and peak in August. PAGASA warned that as the El Niño ends, La Niña kicks in.

- The Abu Sayyaf released a video of its Samal hostages over the weekend, with the three remaining seek help on their respective governments and incoming President Rodrigo Duterte. In a video released early this month, the Abu Sayyaf threatened to execute one of its foreign hostages if a ransom of P600 million was not paid by June 13.

- British Prime Minister David Cameron warned that Great Britain will result to a recession should voters choose to leave the European Union in a referendum next month. Cameron's government released a report on Monday that estimates a Brexit would weaken the pound, raise retail prices and cost half a million jobs within 2 years.

- The Islamic State claimed responsibility for multiple attacks that killed over 150 people in two Syrian towns, serving as a retaliation for airstrikes led by the Russians and the government of President Bashar al-Assad. At least seven explosions occurred through the coastal towns of Tartous and Jableh on Monday morning.

- Over 90 people were reportedly killed in massive landslides and floods in Sri Lanka due to heavy rainfall. Disaster management officials said they have confirmed 92 people dead while 109 remain missing in the landslide-hit district of Kegalle and about 4,500 houses have been destroyed or damaged.

- General Motors will offer debit cards to owners of their Lambda platform crossovers after their fuel consumption error on their window stickers. Reports told that GM will offer reimbursements to about 135,000 customers that are worth between $450 and $1,500 each. Some owners will also have the option of being provided with an extended warranty free of charge instead of the debit card.

- The seven-seater derivative of the Renault Scenic IV, the Grand Scenic IV, has been unveiled.

2017 Renault Grand Scenic

- Tuner Vorsteiner offers the Cayman GT4-based V-CS aero package. The V-CS comes with a pre-preg carbon fiber materials with UV-inhibiting clear lacquer coating on the aero parts, 19-inch V-FF 106 wheels, and a Clubsport-inspired livery.

2016 Vorsteiner V-CS

- The official Facebook account of Eat Bulaga phenom Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza was reportedly hacked.

- Actor Xian Lim comments about last Saturday's tragedy that struck the Close Up Forever Summer concert, involving five people were reportedly died by drugs.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Let's Do The News! (May 23, 2016)

- The Court of Appeals finds that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who lost the vice presidential bid in the May 9 elections, guilty of indirect contempt for his allegations that dismissed Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay paid justices P50 million bribe money to stop the suspension order imposed against him by the Ombudsman. Last year, Trillanes alleged that Associate Justices Jose Reyes Jr. and Francisco Acosta received 25 million pesos each in exchange for issuing a restraining order to stop the implementation of the first suspension order issued by the Ombudsman in connection with the Makati parking building scandal.

- Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, an evangelist and longtime friend of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, said all is well between him and the president-elect. In a press briefing, Quiboloy told he had no hard feelings on Duterte and his friendship with him continues, despite being ignored by Duterte in the selection of Cabinet members.

- The Philippine National Police said it cannot conclude that the casualties at a concert in Pasay City over the weekend were drug-related until the results of the toxicology tests on the victims are released. This speculation that drug ingestion and overdose caused the death of five party-goers during and after the Close Up Forever Summer Concert at the SM Mall of Asia grounds last Saturday.

- Analysts told that if people of Britain choose to leave the European Union in next month's referendum, it could have a significant impact on the future of the bloc's integration policy. On the economic aspect, the value of Pound and the country's stock market are expected to suffer. The euro is also predicted to fall if market players regard a "Brexit" as a failure of European integration.

- A close ally of Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan will become the nation's new premier. This is believed to allow Erdogan to further extend what is perceived by many to be his authoritarian style of politics. Binali Yildirim, the Transport and Communications Minister, was elected as the new leader of the governing AKP at its extraordinary convention in the capital city Ankara.

- Iraq has launched military operations to retake the city of Fallujah from Islamic State terrorists. Iraqi Premier Haider al-Abadi said in a televised speech that the Iraqi military are approaching a moment of great victory against ISIL.

- The second-generation Peugeot 3008 crossover has been fully unveiled, packed with high-tech interior,new body, new choice of engines, and much more.

2017 Peugeot 3008

- Actress Charlize Theron's villain role in an upcoming eighth Fast and Furious movie will be named Cipher, and that name somewhat rings a bell...

- BBC is making a four-part animated adaptation of Richard Adam's Watership Down novel. CG animation will be provided by Irish animation company Brown Bag Films (the studio behind Disney's Doc McStuffins and Henry Hugglemonster, Octonauts, and Nickelodeon's Peter Rabbit) and the animation team will be led by Pete Dodd, who is co-directing, and Hugo Sands, who is producing. It will feature an all-star cast of voices such as James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Kingsley, John Boyega, Gemma Arterton, Miles Jupp, Freddie Fox, Olivia Colman, and Anne-Marie Duff.

- J-Pop singer and actress Mayu Tomita is in critical condition after receiving multiple stab wounds from a knife-wielding fan on Saturday. Mayu is a former member of a girl group Secret Girls and she was busy with her acting and singing career while finishing college. Reports told that Mayu was waiting to perform at a concert venue in Koganei, western Tokyo, when a suspect stabbed her two dozen times in the neck and chest with a knife. The police had apprehended the suspect and charged with attempted murder.


FIA Formula E 2015-2016 - Berlin

With all that action happened at the streets of Berlin during the 2015-2016 season of the FIA Formula E Championship, looks like there's someone trying to play catchup against the overall leader and with Renault e.dams' Sebastian Buemi scored his win, the overall gap between him and Lucas di Grassi's is now just a single point. Because of such a small gap between two of Formula E's finest, the two-part finale in London, happening on the 2nd and 3rd of July, will decide who will bag the title.


Power Duo is #PGT5GrandWinner

At the Philippines Got Talent Season 5 grand finals held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, the Power Duo from Angono, Rizal, emerged as the grand winner, defeating the likes of wordplay master Ody Sto. Domingo and the fire-wielding Amazing Pyra.

The Power Duo scored 100% of the votes from the general public, 33.4% more than Pyra and 49.39% more than Ody, enough for them to win the two million peso cash prize and more.

Congratulations, Power Duo, for winning PGT5!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tekken 7 Soundtrack

Tekken 7 Soundtrack

Launched in the arcades in honor of two decades of Bandai Namco's hard-hitting fighting game franchise, Tekken 7 is a bold evolution to the franchise featuring an eclectic cast of returning and new fighters fans and newcomers can enjoy. With e-sports is becoming a major breakthrough in the world of video games, Tekken 7 is being recognized as one of the fighting games that will set the standards in the competitive world of e-sports.

The original soundtrack of the Tekken 7 arcade games has arrived and this two disc compilation is jam-packed with techno-inspired tracks as heard in-game. Made by the same folks behind hit Bandai Namco games, these tracks are pulse-pounding, mind-blowing, heart-stopping, high-speed, and an edge-on-your-seat, guaranteed to get you a kick like you expect from your Tekken 7 arcade playing experience.


Disc 1:
1) Heat Haze Shadow
2) Fight Night
3) Dojo 1st
4) Dojo 2nd
5) Ruin 65 1st
6) Ruin 65 2nd
7) Equator Line 1st
8) Equator Line 2nd
9) Arctic snowfall 1st
10) Arctic snowfall 2nd
11) The day before the glass matrix 1st
12) The day before the glass matrix 2nd

Disc 2:
1) Empty Your Mind 1st
2) Empty Your Mind 2nd
3) A Grain of Sand 1st
4) A Grain of Sand 2nd
5) Volcano 1st
6) Volcano 2nd
7) KAZUMI's Theme
8) Devil KAZUMI
10) Dream Chest
11) Continue?
12) Game Over
13) The Long Goodbye

In case you missed a very special LLSIF announcement

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Yesterday, in case you just missed a special announcement during the School Idol Festival Thanksgiving Festival 2016 event hosted by the voices behind Uranohoshi Girls High School's idol unit, Aqours, from Love Live! Sunshine!!, the second generation of the Love Live franchise, some fantastic news broke out from the voices of Aqours because coming this 5th of July, 2016, Aqours will be joining on a major update on the School Idol Festival app game.

With over 16 million users in Japan got hooked on the hit mobile game based on the hit Love Live! School Idol Project franchise, the Aqours update will be live on the 5th of July, 2016, probably the date the Love Live Sunshine anime kicks off the telly. In this upcoming update, a brand new Aqours main story with full voices will be added and you will be able to scout Aqours idols through Honor Scouting.

As you scout for either μ's and Aqours idols, be on the lookout for a new rarity called SSR, which slots between SR and UR. You can expect four new sets of cards per month and alternate events as well as two new songs per month.

An ultra-hard MASTER difficulty setting will be added and as the difficulty suggests, it will be the hardest difficulty setting at all and expect blisters on your fingers going for broke. However, bonuses will be greater if you tried so hard on this new difficulty setting.

Also, you can now switch between μ's and Aqours for backgrounds, menus, and so on as well as a brand new user interface.

For those who still have hangovers with μ's after that final concert last spring, don't fret because the arcade version called School Idol Festival ~afterschool Activity~ will be launched this winter in Japanese arcades.

Thousands gathered at INC's historic event at Philippine Arena

Satellite Imagery: Google

Thousands of devotees have been gathered at the Philippine Arena to take part at Iglesia Ni Cristo's historic Worldwide Intensive Propagation, spearheaded by the INC's Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

The Worldwide Intensive Propagation is a worldwide Evangelical mission, which is a study of God's words written in the Bible and reconnect to what really matters. Because this is a worldwide Evangelical mission, INC devotees outside of the Philippine Arena participated this historic event at their nearest INC churches not just in the Philippines but the rest of the world.

Days before the historic INC event occurred, devotees took part in the worldwide distribution of pamphlets, introducing many Filipinos the brief history of the Iglesia Ni Cristo and why this religious institution matters to every Filipinos' faith and trust in God. The INC warned the motorists that heavy traffic along NLEX is bound on the day of the event and apologize for the motorists' inconvenience they caused.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo made huge headlines last year following reports of alleged kidnappings of members for allegedly spreading misinformation about corruption in one of the Philippines' most influential religious groups. Felix Nathaniel "Angel" Manalo and his mother Tenny was fired by executive minister Eduardo Manalo after the two claimed that their lives are in danger because of alleged death threats, probably a standoff between the religious movement's management and the alleged abduction of some of its members.

Last year's Felix Manalo biopic, which starred actor Dennis Trillo as Felix Manalo, the founder of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, broke two Guinness World Records for Largest Attendance For A Film Screening and Largest Attendance For A Film Premiere, with 42,624 attendees watched the film on its world premiere last early October at the Philippine Arena.

List of Angry Birds collaborations

Continuing on the Angry Birds Movie celebration, let's tackle now onto the list of franchises angrily collaborated with the Angry Birds. It can be from a family movie about birds just like them, a battle between Autobots and Decepticons, or even a fight from the galaxy far far away, the war between the birds and the pigs are everywhere, even in collaborations!

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Rio - Rovio collaborated with FOX and Blue Sky Studios to create Angry Birds Rio, where the Angry Birds landed to the city of Rio de Janeiro and they're on a round the city adventure to save the stars of the Rio movies, Blu and Jewel. It features over 320 levels across 12 episodes inspired from the Rio movies.

Angry Birds Star Wars - The force is stronger with this one as the Angry Birds take on the legendary Star Wars franchise in Angry Birds Star Wars. In this game, the Rebel birds must take on the Imperial Pigs just like what happened in the legendary trilogy. It features the same Angry Birds recipe like the rest but with all the lightsabers and lasers at your dispersal, it's all about using your Force against the Pigtroopers in over hundred levels inspired from the Star Wars saga.

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II - Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II brings the Angry Birds mania to the Star Wars prequel trilogy; from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. Aside from the heroic birds offered in the game, Episode II allows you to play as your favorite pigs dressed as your favorite villains from the prequel trilogy, from Darth Maul to General Grievous. For added fun, players can place their Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods figures on their device's camera and join the fun in the galaxy far far away.

Angry Birds Transformers - It's more than meets the eye as the battle between Autobots and Decepticons in the world of Transformers has been given the Angry Birds treatment. In this game, the EggSpark has turned eggs into fearsome robots threatening to destroy Piggy Island and it's up to the Autobirds and the Deceptihogs to settle their differences and save the day. Players can collect their favorite Autobirds and Deceptihogs, transform from vehicle modes to robot modes back and forth for added strategy, powerful upgrades to your favorite characters, and shoot your way to the finish. Oh yeah, unlike other games, Angry Birds Transformers is a side-scrolling shooter game. No slingshots necessary because you got lasers and if things get dirty, you can get help from your mates!

Angry Birds Action! - As the official game for The Angry Birds Movie, Angry Birds Action! is a pinball game where you will shoot Red and his gang through multiple obstacles and come like a wrecking ball in different levels inspired from The Angry Birds Movie.
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