Saturday, August 27, 2016

Let's Do The News! (August 27, 2016)

- Typhoon Dindo is expected to leave the Philippine Area of Responsibility today, but it will continue to induce monsoon rains over the western part of the country, according to PAGASA. As of 4:00 PM yesterday, Dindo was spotted at 1,025km east-northeast of Itbayat, Batanes.

- Despite the sharp rise of extrajudicial killings and recognized him as a threat to the country according to international media, there are most Filipinos seen supporting President Rodrigo Duterte despite today's issues.

- An impromptu ceasefire between the communist rebels and the government takes effect today after the representatives signed a joint declaration in Norway to stop armed hostilities in preparation for talks to end once and for all the decades-long rebellion. The declaration of the truce coincided with the announcement of the release of three policemen by New People's Army rebels.

- The death toll from the central Italy quake has now risen to 278 and 388 people are hurt and hospitalized. Rescue workers searching for survivors of the quake have been facing rapidly narrowing odds of finding people alive following the passing of the 72-hour period.

- The French top administrative court has suspended the ban on "burkini" full-body swimsuits for Muslim women on a Mediterranean beach resort. A burkini is a combination of bikini and burkha, a full-body covering with a mesh screen for the eyes. The Council of State said on Friday that the ban had seriously infringed on basic freedoms, such as religious freedom and individual freedom.

- White House officials voiced concerned about close encounters between US and Iranian military vessels in the Persian Gulf. Military officials say four Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps ships approached within about 270 meters of a US Navy destroyer in the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday despite warnings. The next day, an Iranian ship approached within 180m of a US patrol boat. The vessel moved away after the US side fired warning shots, but later approached another American ship.


Lolas' Concert

With Maine Mendoza finally returned from her American summer vacation, our very own Lola Nidora and Lola Tinidora got their vocal magic ready for the biggest day of their lifetime after a week of good vibes with Alden during Maine's leave for commitment reasons because the lolas got their own concert in front of the Eat Bulaga live audience!

Photo: Official Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

For the lolas' concert in front of the live audience, both Lola Nidora and Lola Tinidora performed some of music history's greatest hits and with the little help of the boys from Lola's Playlist and Alden Richards, nobody does it better. After their little live performance, they are so impressed about the progress over the condition set for AlDub in order to hear Maine's acceptance but what's that "ay" that Lola Nidora talking about? Tune in on Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more Kalyeserye antics!


On the August 26, 2016 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Shoot Mo Yan gags

- Even a small change happening to him can be considered acceptable

- The trouble with amazons

- More wise words from Tata Lino

- A man who's always absent at work is making a case for himself

- Another Buhay Ng Bakla jamming session

- More news for moms in Balitang Ina!

- The morgue gets a beautician...

- A new superhero is feeling the heat!

- Basa-Basa-Pik!

Dolce Amore's Most Beautiful Finale

The story of ABS-CBN's hit TV drama, Dolce Amore, is all about two crossed lovers, Serena and Tenten, trying to overcome all odds in the name of everlasting love. After everything they've been through, these two never gave up on themselves, no matter how sour things get.

In the finale, we see things finally patched up for the two of them as they finally got the wedding they truly deserved and as the two recall about everything they've been through, Serena and Tenten are finally married, much to the delight of the family and friends of their lives.

Moments later, Serena and Tenten had their honeymoon and following a sudden accident, Serena finally remembered...that Tenten is nothing but a womanizer and let's leave it that way.

This concludes the love story of Serena and Tenten in Dolce Amore.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Acura/Honda NSX NC1

Dubbed as one of the most anticipated models in the late 2010's, the legendary sportscar that made a mark in the history of Honda or Acura, after a ten-year absence, has been resurrected and the new-generation NSX is now ready to take on the world's finest sportscars with its unparalleled performance that will raise some eyebrows among speedo boys everywhere, although I'm not quite sure about the NSX's rebirth in any way that gave me some jitters.

2017 Honda NSX
2017 Acura NSX

Sticking true to the concepts, the all-new NSX features a striking design that makes it a perfect fit for a sportscar revived after a 10-year hiatus. It's like reviving a once-famous fantasy show that became a hit ten years ago and as a result, all the elements that made the new NSX one of the most anticipated sportscars in the late 2010's come full circle. One look and you'll know that the new NSX is ready to rewrite the hybrid history books even for a fact that this is actually a hybrid engine-wielding masterpiece that incorporates the knowhow of Honda's motorsport pedigree with a bit of Gran Turismo flair on it ever since its concept version got featured in Gran Turismo 6 three years ago, although unsure if or when this production-version NSX will make it to the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport game, but whatever it is, the new NSX's ties to the Gran Turismo video game will make me condemned that this is a serious hybrid sportscar for those who had enough of driving the hybrid hypercar trio or anything else.

As a hybrid engine-wielding supercar, the all new NSX features a bold new powertrain that was inspired in most models from its stable. Take this, Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, for instance, the Legend/RLX has one but this is a different powertrain for the NSX rebirth because at the heart of it all lies a 3.5L V6 DOHC Twin Turbo engine bolted to three electric motors that takes care of the Power Drive Unit and a li-ion battery that takes charge on the Intelligent Power Unit. With such power sources, the new NSX delivers an overall power output of 581PS, more than the recently-facelifted Nissan GT-R had, and it's mated to a 9-speed DCT built exclusively for the NSX. Nine gears in a hybrid sportscar? With such gears, it's starting to feel like a Fast and Furious gearbox, minus the dramatic shifting part that you saw from those flicks, you know what I mean?

Aside from its performance, the new NSX is made to be aerodynamic thanks to a clever feature that produces more downforce while retaining its sharp styling. As for the body, it was made entirely from aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength steel, to make it more rigid and light on the corners. 

Because this is a hybrid equivalent of the Audi R8, the new NSX takes things seriously through the corners with precision that keeps this sportscar afloat, no matter how messy things are, and because this is a four-wheel drive car, just like a Nissan GT-R, the NSX is an ideal all-weather multirole that can take on various road conditions, be it dry, wet, or freezing, and whereas most supercars getting scared on a slippery-when-wet conditions, the NSX is not afraid to feel the slip and with such dynamics, the NSX feels like a this is a take-on-all-comers on the supercar empire.

2017 Honda NSX interior
2017 Acura NSX interior
As a handcrafted sportscar made by the finest materials forged by the artisanship of experts at the Performance Manufacturing Center in an American state considered as a battleground for the two rivals who really run this world in a very dangerous game, the NSX is a delicate item for a prized collector who really value this car more than anything else and because of its handcrafted status, let me give you a tip...

In the US, the NSX will set you about $156,000, but here in Japan, because they consider it as an import from American soil, they will set you up for a mega-expensive 23,700,000 Yen, making it the most expensive Japanese car ever sold in Japan. It's about more pricey than the Nissan GT-R, if you asked them regarding the car that can return up to 12.4kmpl of fuel economy based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards. Also, selected Honda dealers across Japan, labeled as NSX Performance Dealers, will start accepting reservations and deliveries take place on the February of next year. That's a lot of time, but if I may disregard the mega-high price tag, the new NSX is going to be a flip-flop for me apart from its Gran Turismo ties that sets me off. The performance is a great for me but when it comes to gaining ties to this car, this will be a challenge because while some are getting jealous on wishing to get their hands on the NSX rebirth, there are a few who are opposed to it due to its ties with Gran Turismo. This should sound like a decent challenge for the hybrid sportscar masterpiece.

Photo: Honda/Acura

Let's Do The News! (August 26, 2016)

- After the beheading of another hostage by the Abu Sayyaf Group last Wednesday because of the failed ransom deadline, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered yesterday military troops to eliminate the terrorist group. The Armed Forces of the Philippines has ordered the deployment and insertion of additional troops in Sulu and Basilan to rid the group. The President said he condemned the recent beheading of the kidnap victim, a Jolo native, and son of a court stenographer who was kidnapped last month.

- Personalities involved in a drug matrix recently released by President Duterte may face drug-related graft charges, according to the Palace official. The so-called drug matrix claims that Senator Leila de Lima and Pangasinan Representative Amado Espino Jr. are among the key people involved in the New Bilibid Prison drug trade.

- At least 1,500 overseas Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia have expressed willingness to return home, according to the DSWD. The agency's humanitarian team is currently in the Middle Eastern country to assist distressed OFWs and their families. About 1,575 out of 3,193 OFWs in Saudi's 21 campsites want to go back home but that number is expected to rise as the team continued to reach out to other distressed OFWs located outside the campsites across the KSA.

- In the aftermath of the central Italy quake that killed 250 people, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi declared a state of emergency in areas affected by the quake. Renzi said at a news conference in Rome on Thursday that the government authorized a preliminary 57 million dollars, in emergency funding to deal with the disaster.

- The two presidentiables for the November 2016 elections, Democrat Hillary Clinton and controversial Republican Donald Trump are fighting over minority votes as Trump tries to win over blacks and Hispanics. Trump invited black and Hispanic leaders to his Trump Tower HQ in New York on Thursday while Clinton continues her attack on Trump over his stance on minority groups. At a rally earlier, she called his policies racist, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrants and anti-women and accused him of building his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. Her campaign even posted a clip that connects Trump to white supremacists.

Suspended Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff is facing the last step of her impeachment trial on charges of manipulating government budgets. The Senate began deliberations on Thursday. The session, presided over by Supreme Court's Chief Justice, heard witnesses for and against Rousseff. If at least two-thirds of the senate find her guilty, she will be dismissed.

- Airsoft gun company Tokyo Marui unveiled the special Samurai Edge Special Color Variation gas blow back handgun to honor the Biohazard/Resident Evil franchise's 20th anniversary. On sale this November for 26,800 Yen, this gold-colored replica of the M92F Custom made for STARS members, as seen from the games, comes with a commemorative pin and a casing. A must-have collector's item for fans of CAPCOM's hit survival horror franchise!

Special Color Variation
- ICYMI: Malaysian carmaker Proton unveiled the new-generation Persona midsize saloon. Starting at 46,350 up to 59,350 Ringgit, the new 2017 Proton Persona rides on the same platform used on the Iriz compact and it's powered by a 1.6L DOHC VVT petrol engine, mated with either a 5-speed manual or a CVT.
2017 Proton Persona

- Disney XD announced that their new animated series, Milo Murphy's Law, is set to air this October 3rd at 8:00PM. This new animated series is made by the same people behind Phineas and Ferb and it will star Alfred Yankovic as the titular Milo Murphy in a hilarious, scientifically, fun-filled escapade.

Milo Murphy's Law
- The Grand Tour executive producer Andy Wilman commented about dealing with the BBC while preparing the Amazon original series during his appearance at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Let's hear what he had to say...


Nissan GT-R (2017 Minor Change)

For almost the decade, the Nissan GT-R has been languishing through the supercar ranks with its impeccable performance that puts it near the best sportscars in Europe today and for the 2017 minor change, Godzilla takes a step further with its improved performance that will surpass even the past GT-R updates, even its appealing design that will strike a chord to the speedo boys. Contrary to its 9,960,840 Yen starting price, the new GT-R features major updates that is a one step further for its reputation.

2017 Nissan GT-R

At first glance, its new design looks somewhat similar to the past GT-R updates in its near-decade timeline when Nissan revived the legend back in 2007, but when you look closely to the Nissan V-Motion grille upfront, you'll know that the flagship sportscar is staying in tune in today's trends, although some might find it fishy that it looks awkwardly familiar because it looks like it was coined from the pages of video games.

2017 Nissan GT-R interior

Apart from its mildly-changed exterior, the GT-R's interior has been heavily changed from top to bottom. From the new steering wheel design, new sat-nav, new leather seats, and other changes in store, the new interior balances business and pleasure for the driver in store. It's like being dressed in a three-piece business attire while taking on men on cycling wear on the park. Sounds cheesy as it sounds but the new interior really means business.

2017 Nissan GT-R
Because the Nissan GT-R was born from the knowledge of its motorsports involvement, the elite engineers spend most of their manpower finetuning its near-perfect dynamics to deliver its driving experience to its uncharted heights. Starting with its VR38DETT engine, which has been the hallmark of the GT-R engineering excellence, which now produces 570PS of power and 637Nm of torque. This power output sounds seamlessly familiar to the old Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera but mind you, this ain't no Lambo because the engine's mounted on the front just like how past GT-R updates felt. Mated to its V6 twin-turbo engine is a brand new GR6 Dual Clutch Gearbox for better refinement and performance in a variety of driving situations, making gear changes a lot more smoother than ever.

There's more because in the past updates, the torque drops when the car starts going from a standstill under light throttle but for the 2017 minor change, expect no drop from the torque so the car can go smoothly upon initial acceleration even under light throttle.

Apart from its lavish updates that will keep drivers pushing this car harder and longer as long as they have interests on it, the GT-R still has the ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system. At the start, it behaves like a rear-wheel drive car but it can be balanced depending on speed, lateral acceleration, steering angle, tire slip, road surface, and yaw rate. And thanks to its refined chassis, not only it drives well on the track but also on the roads as well, balancing its sports car and luxury car character at the same pace.

2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO
2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO interior

To further up the Nissan GT-R experience, there's also a more powerful and track-honed GT-R NISMO offered for 18,700,000 Yen. Apart from its race-inspired design and performance that the world should be focused rather than the flawed GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 prototype and the GT500 car that was used on the Super GT series, the V6 Twin Turbo engine produces 600PS of power, which sounds unchanged compared to the old GT-R NISMO, but by inheriting all the updates from the base GT-R, you'll know that this car means business.

The Nissan GT-R has been with us for almost a decade now but with this latest minor change, we can see how far Godzilla can go from its newly refined performance and by comparison against Europe's finest, speedo boys can look forward to see how the latest update unfolds in the real world.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: UNSC to continue talks on N.Korea

Sourced from NHK World:

The UN Security Council has failed to come to an agreement on how to respond to North Korea's latest missile launch.

The Security Council held an emergency meeting on Wednesday at the request of Japan, the United States and South Korea, which have called for a stern response.

The closed door session followed North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile on Wednesday, apparently from a submarine. It travelled about 500 kilometers, and is believed to have landed in Japan's air defense identification zone in the Sea of Japan.

After the meeting, Council President Dato' Ramlan Bin Ibrahim of Malaysia said the majority of the members were critical of the missile launch. But he admitted that they failed to reach a consensus.

The Security Council plans to continue discussing how to respond.

On August 3rd, it held a similar meeting after North Korea launched two of what are believed to be Rodong medium-range ballistic missiles.

But the council was unable to issue a statement, as China and some other countries insisted they should avoid provoking Pyongyang.

It remains to be seen whether the council can take action on the matter, given China's stance.

Let's Do The News! (August 25, 2016)

- The Commission on Human Rights said the rights body has not experienced having extrajudicial killing cases since almost three decades ago. During the budget briefing at the House of Representatives, CHR Chair Jose Luis Martin Gascon said that the Special Task Force was only able to look into less than 20% of more than a thousand cases of extrajudicial killings.

- President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday expressed hope that China will deal with the Philippines in good faith regarding the issue on the West Philippine Sea. Duterte hopes China is dealing with them in good faith as they're not insisting on the verdict of the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration last July favoring the Philippines’ arbitration case against China’s nine-dash line claim that covers virtually the entire West Philippine Sea or South China Sea.

- The death toll from the M6.2 quake in central Italy was now risen to 247. Amatrice, a mountainous town with a population of about 2,600, was hardest hit and almost all of the buildings collapsed. It was known to be a tourist spot for a summer holiday and it is believed many quake victims are tourists.

- Back to some provocations made up by Republican presidentiable Donald Trump, he floated a possible process to allow undocumented immigrants to remain in America during a stunning reversal on an issue central to his candidacy. Trump said he was moved by concerns from fans who opposed his previous calls for a deportation force" to remove all of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the US. In the midst of his Jackson, Mississippi tour, Trump pitched in former UKIP leader and one of the key people behind last June's Brexit vote, Nigel Farage, to urge Trump supporters to "re-declare American independence" in the same way the Brits done two months ago. Farage declined to endorse Trump but he freely opined on the US presidential election.

- With Hillary Clinton getting her first intelligence briefing as nominee this Saturday, according to sources, former president Bill Clinton said that none of the recent headlines about the Clinton Foundation have caused him to second guess how the charitable organization operated when his wife was secretary of state. The Democratic presidentiable come under fire after reports that most donors got meetings with Clinton when she headed the State Department, according to newly released emails.

- The Refugee Olympic athletes, originally from South Sudan, have received a warm welcome at Kenya as they returned from the Rio Olympics. The five athletes arrived in Nairobi on Wednesday. People celebrated their return, beating drums and performing dances. The athletes are among the members of the first-ever Olympic Refugee Team, comprising of athletes from unstable countries, mostly from the Middle East and Africa.

- Some say, Jeremy Clarkson will invade the set of Game of Thrones for one of the stunts in the upcoming Amazon original show, The Grand Tour, which filming for the first 12-episode season is almost complete.

- Two new downloadable contents are now available on the PS4-exclusive THE IDOLM@STER Platinum Stars! First up, the second DLC Catalog is now up featuring the new song 僕たちのResistance as well as the brand new Trench Camouflage outfit, among many other accessories and returning songs such as オーバーマスター and Do-Dai. Also, the second DL LIVE has arrived and those who performed well will receive a brand new ひまわり畑の思い出 costume, packed with special skills made for this costume, as well as better accessories!

- Back to some IDOLM@STER-related stuff, a new music video made by the 10 aspiring hopefuls in the making of the upcoming South Korean drama based on THE IDOLM@STER franchise is now up. It's titled Dream by the newly named Real Girls Project. Check it out.

- Today marks the 58th Weeksary of AlDub!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

20 Years of Pokemon: The Pokemon 2016 World Championships

Every year, ace trainers from a multitude of countries compete in the name of valor among the best of Pokemon gamers in the Pokemon World Championships. Whether if its video games or trading card games, the top prizes are up for grabs for the very no one ever was. Uh-huh, but for 2016, it's becoming a historic one because of Pokemon's 20th anniversary celebration. Whether they can compete in OR/AS battles, trading card game battles, or even the new Pokken Tournament battles, their honor as a top ace trainer rests beneath their burdens.

Photo: Official Pokemon Instagram

So, at last weekend's world championships held at the San Francisco Bay Area, let's say congratulations to the champions of the 2016 Pokemon World Championships.

In the TCG World Championships:

Shintaro Ito from Japan for the Masters Division whose deck includes Audino-EX, Shaymin EX, Hoopa-EX, Magearna-EX, Cobalion, and Absol.

Jesper Eriksen from Denmark for the Senior Division whose deck includes Vespiquen, Combee, Shaymin-EX, Yanma, Yanmega, Spinarak, and Ariados.

Shunto Sadahiro from Japan for the Junior Division whose deck includes an Yveltal and Darkrai-EX, among many others.

In the VG World Championships:

Wolfe Glick from the USA for the Masters Division whose Pokemon roster includes Kyogre, Hitmontop, Gengar, Raichu, Bronzong, and Rayquaza.

Carson Confer from the USA for the Senior division whose Pokemon roster includes Kyogre, Kangaskhan, Thundurus, Bronzong, Cresselia, and Groudon.

Cory Connor from the USA for the Junior Division whose Pokemon roster includes Kyogre, Rayquaza, Togekiss, Thundurus, Scizor, and Hitmontop.

With the San Francisco 2016 Pokemon World Championship is well and truly over, the next World Championships is set at Anaheim, California this 2017 and we can expect the best of Sun and Moon players competing for the top spot. In the meantime, congratulations to the winners! You guys really are the very no one ever was!


Let's Do The News! (August 24, 2016)

- Typhoon Dindo has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility, according to PAGASA. At 12:00 PM, the storm was located 1,200km East Northeast of Itbayan, Batanes, packing max winds of 130kph near the center and gustiness of up to 160kph. No signal warnings have been raised but still alerted the public concerned agencies to monitor the situation.

- Embattled Senator Leila de Lima says linking her to the PDAF scam involving mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles was unfair, stressing that she herself handled the cases of Napoles when she was Justice Secretary. De Lima reacted following President Rodrigo Duterte's announcement to re-investigate the pork barrel scam case involving Napoles and some senators.

- President Rodrigo Duterte said he was sarcastic about the threat to leave the United Nations. However, Duterte insisted the UN should not meddle with the affairs of the Philippines.

- The Turkish military launched an operation to clear a Syrian border town from Islamic State militants, and the country's state-run news agency said Turkish tanks had crossed into Syria as part of the offensive.

- 38 people were reportedly died after a magnitude 6.2 quake struck central Italy. The USGS says the quake struck at around 0330 hours local time. The focus of the quake is estimated to be about 100km northeast of Rome at a depth of 10km. Emergency workers are trying to pull people from the debris. But rescue operations and damage assessment are difficult due to its mountainous region.

- US President Barack Obama has visited the flood-hit state of Louisiana to inspect the recovery efforts. Obama met the FEMA, who had been working in the state, to hear about the extent of the damage and the recovery operations. Last week's deadliest floods killed 13 people and affected at least 60,000 homes.

- Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev was enraged over the decision that prevented Russian athletes from entering the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games. Medvedev was responding to the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to uphold the IPC's ban on Russian athletes over doping.

- The Tesla Model S will spawn a more powerful P100D, which is the quickest car ever made with a 0-60mph time of 2.5 seconds and has 315 miles of range.

- In preparation for the inaugural Roborace, the new autonomous racing sport has created DevBot for that very purpose that is set to support the upcoming 2016-2017 season of the FIA Formula E Championship.

- Kia Motors showcased its image sketch of their upcoming Pride/Rio subcompact, set to debut at this year's Paris Motor Show.


Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! EP 01

Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! EP 01

Fans who can't get enough of the Aikatsu franchise, especially during the Akari Generation years, spend most of their time playing with their smartphones with the franchise's first official smartphone app game, Aikatsu! Photo on Stage, and as if we didn't have enough problems regarding so much idol girl-related smartphone app games over a lifetime, almost, fans get the same experience as expected on the original arcade games, at the comfort of their hands. while spending most of their lifetime collecting as much of the idols and compete for the spot at rankings.

Anyway, enough explanation about the whole Photo on Stage game because here comes the first maxi single inspired from the hit Aikatsu mobile game and we can expect more like this over the coming moments. The first maxi single features three songs as heard from the Photo on Stage app game, only now they're all given the full version treatment never before heard so you can hear the rest of your favorite songs heard from the game whenever you like.

Like I said, you can expect more maxi singles inspired from the Photo on Stage game soon!


01 夏色バタフライ
03 きらめきメッセンジャー
04 夏色バタフライ(off vocal)
05 GLAMOUROUS BLUE(off vocal)
06 きらめきメッセンジャー(off vocal)

Nissan Serena C27

The Nissan Serena has been with every Japanese families for over twenty-five years and to commemorate the minivan's 25 years of stamping out memories on every Japanese families everywhere, a new, technologically-advanced, fifth-generation Nissan Serena was launched and contrary by many, it will be the first semi-autonomous Nissan ever made courtesy of its brand new ProPILOT semi-autonomous tech that will make driving a lot easy for the dads and moms.

2017 Nissan Serena

Time to clue the new Serena in right now, but first, let's look at the new Serena's design. Although it still looks the same as the previous Serena, you'll see a hint of modern nostalgia sprinkled on the new design. Take the front, for instance, it looks like a quirky blend of the old C23 Serena and the old Toyota Vellfire, judging from the headlights. Although the design looks a bit stale, if I'm honest, it's still as fresh as the morning dew. One things for sure, though, with foreign Nissan cars getting the V-Motion look, seems that the Nissan Serena C27 is has a much toned down look of the V-motion grille that foreign Nissans had and for Nissan, this whole V-motion look just isn't look right on Japanese roads, presumably.

2017 Nissan Serena interior

On the inside, everything's new from the dashboard, the instrumental cluster, even the steering wheel inspired by the GT-R as well. There's more conveniences in store for the passengers, including an optional stand where they can put stuff on it and hold cups with its own cupholders made on it. That's fit enough on their next road trip from their grandparents' home to a faraway prefecture they've never been before. Because it's made to be a family car full-stop, spacing is top-notch for the new Serena C27 and with all seats present, there's enough room for your grocery shoppings. Once more, the new Serena comes with the world's first Hands Free Auto Slide Door, which works like the fancy liftgate most Ford crossovers had but this time, at the lift of your foot, the door automatically slides, which is useful when you're carrying a child or something.

The sat-nav now comes with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility and speaking of which, the Nissan Serena is the first Japanese car offered in Japan to come with Android Auto for the first time so if you have your Android phone handy, now's your chance to take advantage of it. Because the Nissan Serena C27 is the first to have Android Auto on the Japanese market, expect more Japanese cars to follow shortly.

2017 Nissan Serena

Okay, now it's the ideal time to investigate the new Serena C27's brand new tech called ProPILOT so what's it all about this semi-autonomous tech? With Nissan's ambition of launching cars with autonomous tech for the safety of drivers in mind, the new Serena's just the start of it with this specially-made variant to accommodate this new feature. By the time this new generation Serena was launch, the ProPILOT is set for single-lane traffic use in the meantime. Made for highway use at that time, the ProPILOT tech is made to hold the vehicle in the middle of a lane by reading markers and control steering. It can ever follow curves, and it automatically controls the distance between the next car ahead. Because this is just the start, the ProPILOT is on a self-propagating phase as when it features it on future Nissan vehicles, its tech gets evolved even further. Sounds like witchcraft for us but skeptics and believers can't wait to see what's in store for the new ProPILOT gizmo. Couple that with Nissan's Safety Shield technology, and you got yourself a safe minivan that cares about its occupants more than the car itself.

2017 Nissan Serena

So, that's one safety masterpiece mentioned in the new Serena C27. Now, what about its performance? As you may aware, the new model comes with the improved S-HYBRID powertrain with total energy management that takes charge to the sub-battery unit, eco motor, idling stop, the MR20DD 2.0L petrol engine, and the CVT, capable of delivering a class-leading 17.2km/L, 1.2km/L more than the previous Serena S-HYBRID as well as a normal petrol-powered Toyota Noah/Voxy vans. As for dynamics, it feels like what all Asian vans behave on a daily basis with courtesy of its Rack and Pinion Steering, Strut and Torsion Beam suspension setup, and ventilated disc brakes.

2017 Nissan Serena Rider
The all-new Nissan Serena C27 starts at 2,435,400 Japanese Yen for the base S model while the Highway Star version starts at 2,678,400 Yen, 2,916,000 Yen if you go for the one with the ProPILOT tech. For something stylish, you can go for the Autech Rider version for 2,949,480 Yen or for something special, a special Autech Rider 30th anniversary model, commemorating Autech Japan's 30th anniversary, was offered for 3,480,840 Yen. Of course, that pricing does not come with the optional ProPILOT feature, unless if you want to add one for a limited time only.

With its new design, fuel-efficient performance, advanced safety tech, and a family-friendly packaging, the new Serena C27 is a key turning point for Nissan in their ambition for a safe driving for all drivers everywhere and when the ProPILOT Serena is successful, it will soon feature it in future Nissan models in their portfolio.

Available colors: Maroon Red/Diamond Black 2 Tone, Brilliant White Pearl/Diamond Black 2 Tone, Diamond Black/Brilliant Silver 2 Tone, Cashmere Greige/Imperial Amber 2 Tone, Azurite Blue, Maroon Red, Cashmere Greige, Imperial Amber, Diamond Black, Brilliant Silver, Brilliant White Pearl, and Shining Blue.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Yume Kataruyori Yume Utaou

Yume Kataruyori Yume Utaou

As Lovelivers go deeper into the origins of Uranohoshi Girls High School's Aqours in the Love Live Sunshine TV series, with all the joy, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear in store for our favorite idol girls, the closing theme song from the breakout TV series has arrived and this is just one step of getting in the fun as enjoyed halfway through the series. 

Aside from being heard from the end of the episode, there is a chance that the closing theme song from the hit TV series will be playable in an upcoming update for the Love Live! School Idol Festival app game so Lovelivers, better get your feet wet and your fingers ready because you never know just how relieving and how catchy this song is until your fingers gave up in agony, just like what the Aqours heroes faced so far. In this maxi single, it offers two songs that will be a must have on your Aqours playlist and to be soon offered on the LLSiF app game via an update.

Don't celebrate just yet because there will be more songs inspired from the LLS TV series coming your way!

01. ユメ語るよりユメ歌おう
02. サンシャインぴっかぴか音頭
03. ユメ語るよりユメ歌おう (Off Vocal)
04. サンシャインぴっかぴか音頭 (Off Vocal)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: N.Korea likely resumed plutonium extraction

Sourced from NHK World:

The UN nuclear watchdog says North Korea may have resumed reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel to extract plutonium.

The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, made the statement in a report dated Friday.

It says the IAEA confirmed that satellite photos show signs of operations at a radiochemical lab in Nyongbyon from the first quarter of this year through early July.

The agency says the signs include deliveries of chemical tanks and operation of a steam plant linked to the lab.

South Korea's Defense Ministry said last week that the North has been reprocessing spent nuclear fuel to extract plutonium. It said South Korea will work closely with other countries on a response.

The IAEA has already pointed out signs of the North's reprocessing, and plans to discuss ways to cope with the activity at its annual general conference next month.

Let's Do The News! (August 23, 2016)

- The Supreme Court on Tuesday stopped preparations for the planned burial of late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in September. The halt order is effective for 20 days as the court prepares for oral arguments on the petitions against the late dictator's final interment at the Heroes' Cemetery in Taguig.

- The Sandiganbayan issued a 90-day suspension order against Senator JV Ejercito, who is facing graft charges. The court earlier charged Ejercito and other San Juan City officials with graft and technical malversation over the alleged anomalous use of high-powered firearms worth 2.1 million pesos in 2008.

- The International Criminal Court may possibly assume jurisdiction over the extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers if the Philippine government fails to address the issue according to the Commission of Human Rights. This means, that the ICC is the last resort and may only assume jurisdiction in case a national government fails to address international crimes.

- In another round of the Clinton e-mail scandal, the State Department is reviewing almost 15,000 more Hillary Clinton emails that went previously undisclosed during an FBI investigation into her private server. The emails could become public by mid-October. The State Department is reviewing the documents for classified information. In response, the Clinton Campaign said "As we have always said, Hillary Clinton provided the State Department with all the work-related emails she had in her possession in 2014. We are not sure what additional materials the Justice Department may have located, but if the State Department determines any of them to be work-related, then obviously we support those documents being released publicly as well."

- On a related note, Hillary Clinton told federal investigators about former Secretary of State Colin Powell's advice to use a personal email address only after the FBI asked her about the correspondence between the two, according to sources. Powell has lamented that the Clinton people trying to pin her email troubles to him, saying she had already been using her email server before introducing it to her. The Clinton Campaign responds "Hillary Clinton has consistently taken responsibility for her decision to use a single email account, and as she has said for over a year now, it was a mistake and she regrets it.

- Swimsuit company Speedo revoked their sponsorship from US Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte following his "exaggerated" story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the games.  Speedo said that while it has enjoyed a winning relationship with Lochte for over a decade, it cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values the brand has long stood for.

- The Court of Arbitration for Sport has upheld a decision to ban Russian athletes from the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The court dismissed Russia's appeal against the ban imposed by the International Paralympic Committee amid allegations of statewide doping. It made extremely difficult for the Russian Paralympians to participate in the games.

- The Japanese institute which conducts researching whaling says it has reached court-mediated settlement with the US-based anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd. Representatives say the agreement, reached earlier this month, permanently prohibits the group from obstructing Japanese whaling activities.

- Actor Alden Richards starts his shooting as a Mulawin character to be appeared in the upcoming episode of the 2016 rebirth of GMA's hit fantasy drama, Encantadia.

- Eat Bulaga presenter Wally Bayola hints at possible return of his fellow presenter Paolo Ballesteros but when?


Forza Motorsport 6: Attack of the Racing Actros

When the producers think about putting large truck in the world of Forza, in the case of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck from the T10 Select Car Pack, available now, every player from around the world got thrown in with mixed reactions, most of them saying what's a truck doing in the world of Forza. There's a major clear explanation why they put a heavyweight in this game via a DLC pack...

Ever since the FIA created the European Truck Racing Championship three decades ago, the world got mixed in with them with the idea of turning machines made for shipping duties everyday, apart from making problems with traffic nowadays despite truck bans, into racing titans in the world's finest racetracks across Europe, including the Nurburgring and Circuit de la Sarthe. Those trucks made for racing purposes weigh 12,000 lbs, equipped with special equipment, thousand horsepower of power output, ten thousand pounds-foot of torque, and there goes a recipe for creating a very unique race so unique, the producers wanted a slice of it in the game.

The Tankpool24 Racing Team, formerly called the MB Motorsports truck racing team, started their racing career at the 1995-1996 International touring car racing and began their truck racing journey in 1997 with drivers including truck racing legend Markus Oestreich, Ellen Lohr, Jordi Gene and Steffi Halm. The team was under the supervision of Markus Bauer, who manages a group of volunteers from the service area of Mercedes-Benz and has also recruited Team Hahn's top engineer, Stefan Honens.

Piloted by Andre Kursim and Roland Rehfeld, this Racing Truck, based on the Mercedes Actros MP4 semi-truck, fought for nine rounds in the 2015 FIA Euro Truck Racing Championship season. Despite last year's poor result, Kursim continues on the 2016 season alongside last year's champion, Norbert Kiss, who made a switch to this team during a pre-season announcement.

Driving a racing truck is different than driving a racecar, apart from its titanic weight it delivers, because driving one of these is like piloting a B1 or a B2 bomber in the skies above. Yes, that was a bit of a compliment but having to learn about the truck's complex machinery, and its 10-speed gearbox specially designed for ETRC use, it should be a piece of cake trying to handle a truck just like handling a sportscar on the bends. It takes guts and determination to master this heavyweight monster but if you're getting used to it,  Oh yeah and while you're enjoying it, it's recommend to play with it on Cockpit View or Chase View because that bulk of the machine really blocks your view and you really can't see where you're going on its third person perspective.

Having satisfied with a big lorry with power output beyond Veyron levels, I decided to do some experiment round the Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit to see how track-worthy this Racing Truck this and to do that, I need a little control for this experiment and I think I found one...

This old Lotus Elise should do it and what I'm going to do is to do a little David and Goliath test to prove if the giant truck can go round the track as fast as this lightweight mosquito.

And now the results...

2:29.506 - Elise
2:33.631 - Truck

It's a shock result. The truck made it round the track four seconds slower than the lightweight car. Man, this truck sure knows how to catch up despite being a whopper of a size. It's a clear say that with so many oddballs going on around in the FM6 car roster such as Fast Five's Gurkha, the Cadillac XTS Limo, and this, looks like the weirdness keeps on going for the producers to think of. Wonder what else they'll put up next in the future of Forza?

Still, this diesel titan gave us a whole new level of enjoyment in FM6 and having satisfied with how the Racing Truck performs, it feels like a Perfect Day To Burn Some Diesel. Keep On Trucking, folks. Who knows what surprises we might get there with this hunk of metal.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Let's Do The News! (August 22, 2016)

- According to Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, critics of President Rodrigo Duterte's anti-drugs campaign are wrongfully branding drug-related casualties as extrajudicial killings. Cayetano cited Administrative Order 35, under the former Aquino administration which defines extrajudicial killings, which killings that involved common criminals were not classified as it.

- Embattled Senator Leila De Lima called on a stop on the extrajudicial and vigilante killings, saying that anti-drug efforts used as excuse to kill. In her opening statement at the Senate justice and human rights panel hearing on the killings, De Lima said not all killings recorded were connected to drug operations.

- The Chinese coast guard began live-firing drills in the Tonkin Gulf on Monday, the latest in the series of military drills that come amid renewed tensions among disputants to territory in the South China Sea.

- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed a suicide bomber aged between 12 and 14 for the fatal terrorist attack at a wedding party near the Syrian border. Turkish authorities are investigating the attack, which killed at least 51 people and 69 people injured. He said the Islamic State was likely responsible and the child bomber either committed suicide or was forced to do so by remote control.

- Russia marks the 25th anniversary of the coup attempt that lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union. On August 19, 1991, communist hardliners tried to seize power from reformist President Mikhail Gorbachev. The coup failed but Gorbachev lost power and the Soviet Union was collapsed four months later.

- In case you missed a special announcement during the special Granblue Fantasy event, Cygames was pleased to announced that the Granblue Fantasy TV anime is set to air this January 2017, with boy band BUMP OF CHICKEN performing the theme song. There's more because Cygames team up with one of the most insane game developers ever, Platinum Games, to create GranBlue Fantasy Project Re:LINK game based on the hit smartphone app game.

- Actress and comedienne Miranda Hart sadly announced that she won't be returning for another season of the BBC TV drama, Call the Midwife.

- AlDub and KathNiel picked up the top prizes in the 2016 PEP List Awards Night held last Sunday at the Grand Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Hotel. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza won TV Star of the Year while Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla won Movie Stars of the Year.

Rio 2016 Highlights FINALE

August 21, 2016 - FINAL DAY

This is it. After two weeks of all the joy, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear everyone around the world felt upon witnessing the Rio 2016 Olympics, this year's summer Olympics have came to a complete finish but long before the closing ceremony before handing over to the next Olympic venue for 2020, which is Tokyo, Japan, there are, of course, some final events before the big finish. Events include Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling Mountain Bike, Handball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Volleyball,  and Wrestling.

Now, let's jot down the medal winners on the final day...

Men's Marathon
Gold - Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya)
Silver - Feyisa Lilesa (Ethiopia)
Bronze - Galen Rupp (USA)

Men's Basketball
Gold - USA
Silver - Serbia
Bronze - Spain

Women's Middle Final Bout
Gold - Claressa Maria Shields (USA)
Silver - Nouchka Fontijn (Holland)

Men's Fly Final Bout
Gold - Shakhobidin Zoirov (Uzbekistan)
Silver - Misha Aloian (Russia)

Men's Light Welter Final Bout
Gold - Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (Uzbekistan)
Silver - Lorenzo Sotomayor Collazo (Azerbaijan)

Men's Super Heavy Final Bout
Gold - Tony Victor James Yoka (France)
Silver - Joe Joyce (UK)

Men's Cross Country
Gold - Nino Schurter (Switzerland)
Silver - Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)
Bronze - Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spain)

Men's Handball
Gold - Denmark
Silver - France
Bronze - Germany

Group All-Around Final - Rotation 2
Gold - Russia
Silver - Spain
Bronze - Bulgaria

Men's Volleyball
Gold - Brazil
Silver - Italy
Bronze - USA

MFS 65kg
Gold - Soslan Ramonov (Russia)
Silver - Toghrul Asgarov (Azerbaijan)
Bronze - Ikhtiyor Navruzov (Uzbekistan) and Frank Chamizo Marquez (Italy)

MFS 97kg
Gold - Kyle Frederick Snyder (USA)
Silver - Khetag Goziumov (Azerbaijan)
Bronze - Magomed Idrisovitch Ibragimov (Uzbekistan) and Albert Saritov (Romania)

On the final gold medal tally, USA got 46, UK got 27, China got 26, Russia got 19, and Germany got 17. Overall, Team USA scored the most medals than China, UK, and controversially, Russia, therefore they are the proud winners of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Now, onto the closing ceremony, it was a mixture of music, dance, and art filled in to the final hours of the Rio Olympics and it all ends with a massive fireworks display fans will surely remember despite the drizzling weather they're facing. Following the end of the Rio 2016 Olympics comes the passing to the next summer Olympics, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan, this 2020.

Full Story:

Obrigado, Brasil! Obrigado, Rio!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tales of Berseria

The latest mothership title of the two-decade-long Namco Tales franchise, Tales of Berseria, breaks the tradition of past Tales titles because for the first time in Tales history, a heroine will be the star of the new game, under the name of Velvet, a young woman who has a thirst for vengeance following a string of tragic events. Exclusively for the Playstation consoles, PS4 and PS3, this new installment is a Tales game unlike any other, giving a fresh new spin to the two-decade-old franchise that wowed millions of fans, new and veterans alike.

Tales of Berseria (PS4)
Set years prior to the events of last year's title, Tales of Zestiria, Velvet Crowe will be accompanied with different allies such as Laphicet, Rokurou Rangetsu, Magilou, Eizen, and Eleanor Hume, as they set sail through different islands in different adventures all in the name of redemption.

Just like any other Tales games from its 20-year back catalog, the people behind the franchise worked really hard to deliver a promising feel to the brand new mothership title. You get lots of anime stuff in the game featuring cutscenes made possible by anime studio ufotable. Just by sitting back and enjoy the anime cutscenes, this game really have you hanging for more and right before your very eyes, you might just find which is your favorite Tales of Berseria moments when you hit the SHARE button on your PS4 controller. 

Anyway, if the anime cutscenes didn't put you on, the gameplay has been the hallmark for the Tales franchise and here in Tales of Berseria, it's a completely different experience. You are introduced by a brand new Liberation-Linear Motion Battle System where you can add new option to map artes to control pad buttons for chained combo attacks. You can even take advantage of your character's special abilities courtesy of the Soul Breach combo attacks with other allies. With battles so intense, you can really feel the thrill of it just by attacking multiple hostiles on the battlefield and because up to four players can join battles, it's a lot more enjoyable to help others while battling different enemies.

While you're not exploring through dungeons, caves, or any other field of adventures, there are many ways to spend time getting to know the game while taking a break from the main story. From secret objects hidden through different locations, the landmark chat system where you can get to know about your favorite characters, riding on the rare board, the possibilities are near endless if you are playing Tales of Berseria just for fun.

For added fun, Tales of Berseria will offer DLC outfits over the coming weeks ranging from summer wear, school uniforms, maid and chef outfits, IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls costumes, and more, just to have fun with your favorite characters while on the go.

So, thoughts on the latest Tales titles? While this game breaks tradition from past titles, it still delivers the same Tales action and adventure while delivering the thrills fans are hoping for. With the game now out exclusively for the PlayStation consoles, fans are eager enough to play this new Tales game and see which part that made fans enjoyed the most. Having a woman become the star of the Tales game like Velvet, this is just one sure thing to prove that girls are tougher than boys in lead roles in video games and another thing that gets you noticed that if you enjoyed this latest Tales game the most, well, you get the idea but feel free to do what's next when you had this game for the thrill of it.

Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 16

August 20, 2016 - DAY 16

Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Canoe Sprint, Cycling Mountain Bike, Diving, Football, Golf, Handball, Modern Pentathlon, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, and Wrestling are the main highlights on the penultimate day of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Here are the medal winners of the day:

Women's High Jump Final
Gold - Ruth Beitia (Spain)
Silver - Mirela Demireva (Bulgaria)
Bronze - Blanka Vlasic (Croatia)

Men's Javelin Throw Final
Gold - Thomas Rohler (Germany)
Silver - Julius Yego (Kenya)
Bronze - Keshorn Walcott (Trinidad and Tobago)

Men's 1500mm Final
Gold - Matthew Centrowitz (USA)
Silver - Taoufik Makhloufi (Algeria)
Bronze - Nicholas Willis (New Zealand)

Women's 800m Final
Gold - Caster Semenya (South Africa)
Silver - Francine Niyonsaba (Burundi)
Bronze - Margaret Nyairera Wambui (Kenya)

Men's 5000m Final
Gold - Mohamed Farah (UK)
Silver - Paul Kipkemoi Chelimo (USA)
Bronze - Hagos Gebrhiwet (Ethiopia)

Women's 4x400m Relay Final
Gold - USA
Silver - Jamaica
Bronze - UK

Men's 4x400m Relay Final
Gold - USA
Silver - Jamaica
Bronze - Bahamas

Men's Singles
Gold - Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)
Silver - Chen Long (China)
Bronze - Viktor Axelsen (Denmark)

Women's Basketball
Gold - USA
Silver - Spain
Bronze - Serbia

Women's Fly Final Bout
Gold - Nicola Adams (UK)
Silver - Sarah Ourahmoune (France)

Men's Bantam Final Bout
Gold - Robeisy Ramirez (Cuba)
Silver - Shakur Stevenson (USA)

Men's Middle Final Bout
Gold - Arlen Lopez (Cuba)
Silver - Bektemir Melikuziev (Uzbekistan)

Men's Kayak Single 200m Final A
Gold - Liam Heath (UK)
Silver - Maxime Beaumont (France)
Bronze - Saul Craviotto (Spain) and Ronald Rauhe (Germany)

Men's Canoe Double 1000m Final A
Gold - Sebastian Brendel and Jan Vandrey (Germany)
Silver - Erlori De Souza Silva and Isaquias Queiroz Dos Santos (Brazil)
Bronze - Dmytro Ianchuk and Taras Mishchuk (Ukraine)

Women's Kayak Four 500m Final A
Gold - Hungary
Silver - Germany
Bronze - Belarus

Men's Kayak Four 1000m Final A
Gold - Germany
Silver - Slovakia
Bronze - Czech Republic

Men's 10m Platform Final
Gold - Chen Aisen (China)
Silver - German Sanchez (Mexico)
Bronze - David Boudia (USA)

Men's Football
Gold - Brazil
Silver - Germany
Bronze - Nigeria

Women's Golf Round 4
Gold - Park Inbee (South Korea)
Silver - Lydia Ko (New Zealand)
Bronze - Feng Shanshan (China)

Women's Handball
Gold - Russia
Silver - France
Bronze - Norway

Men's Combined Running/Shooting
Gold - Alexander Lesun (Russia)
Silver - Pavlo Tymoshchenko (Ukraine)
Bronze - Ismale Marcelo Hernandez Uscanga (Mexico)

Individual All-Around Final - Rotation 4
Gold - Margarita Mamun (Russia)
Silver - Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia)
Bronze - Ganna Rizatdinova (Ukraine)

Women's 67kg Taekwondo
Gold - Zheng Shuyin (China)
Silver - Maria Del Rosario Espinoza Espinoza (Mexico)
Bronze - Jackie Galloway (USA) and Bianca Walkden (UK)

Men's 80kg Taekwondo
Gold - Radik Isaev (Azerbaijan)
Silver - Abdoulrazak Issoufou Alfaga (India)
Bronze - Cha Dongmin (South Korea) and Maicon Siqueira (Brazil)

Women's Triathlon
Gold - Gwen Jorgensen (USA)
Silver - Nicola Spirig Hug (Switzerland)
Bronze - Vicky Holland (UK)

Women's Volleyball
Gold - China
Silver - Serbia
Bronze - USA

Men's Water Polo
Gold - Serbia
Silver - Croatia
Bronze - Italy

MFS 125kg
Gold - Taha Akgul (Turkey)
Silver - Komeil Nemat Ghasemi (Iran)
Bronze - Geno Petriashvili (Georgia) and Ibrahim Saidau (Belarus)

Onto the Gold Medal Count; While the USA still leads with 43 golds, UK got 27, China got 26, Russia and Germany got 17.

Schedule and Results:
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