Saturday, January 21, 2017

About the inauguration of America's 45th leader

A beast that slouches North America to be born, and that beast is none other than the 45th President of the United States Donald John Trump.

In the nation's capital city Washington D.C., Donald Trump has sworn in as the 45th leader of the United States of America after his shocking victory at the November 2016 elections that sparked outrage not just here but around the world. His campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" is what shaped this wealthy businessman into the no-holds barred world leader the world has ever feared and respected.

What makes this beast so unique is that the Republican Party that gave birth to it was no beast itself, and his lack of political background gave him the perfect opportunity to dismantle the establishment while delivering his "America first" policy for the welfare of the Americans.

Some have feared that his protectionist policies will dismantle the United States as they know as the global superpower, giving way for rival superpowers like Russia and China to lead the way in the new age of American presidency.

Trump's draconian promises include a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the area, , lifting sanctions against Russia, deporting illegal immigrants, dismantle the Islamic State militants quickly, repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act that Obama implemented, renegotiate trade deals, and withdraw the US's participation in the Paris treaty (in the same way what George W. Bush did with the Kyoto treaty in 2001) due to his climate denial along with his newly picked Cabinet members including Scott Pruitt, the new EPA administrator who, like Trump, denies climate change, sparking outrage from environmentalists.

Using his vast knowledge as a wealthy businessman (not to mention his "cruelty with a smile" attitude as demonstrated from being the presenter of the reality TV program The Apprentice), the Don vows he will revive manufacturing jobs and impose tighter taxes against US companies outsourcing their jobs and products overseas, especially Mexico and China, which Trump sees them as threat to America's economy. Although, China has warned that Trump's harsh relations with the Asian superpower will take the necessary precautions and countermeasures.

Although world leaders showed strong distrust against Trump, there are some far-right ones who sees Trump as an advantage. Russian leader Vladimir Putin, whose government was accused for manipulating the elections to tip Trump's favor, sees optimism that the US-Russia ties will be recovered under Trump's rule, not to mention the fact that the new American leader will drop the country's nuclear arsenal if he dropped sanctions against Russia following the annexation of Crimea. Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pleased about the plans Trump has made such as relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which will infuriate the Palestinians and crushing hopes of establishing the independent state of Palestine. Because of this, Trump's tortured metaphors inspired many politicians to do so, including the current Philippine leader Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who unleashed his scorched earth policy against illegal drugs while violating human rights laws, not to mention the threat to proclaim Martial Law reminiscent of the Marcos regime.

Whether President Trump has the ability and intelligence to resolve global issues without becoming a Yeatsean beast is yet to be seen. Question is, is he a shadowy figure manipulating the world off stage or is he a hero leading the charge against Islamic extremism?

Anyone who heard President Donald Trump's inauguration speech will be immediately struck by his intelligence and keen insight. His devil-may-care attitude that captured the hearts of many supporters served him well in the cloak-and-dagger world of globalization. He is able to charm the Republican-controlled Congress and Senate into fulfilling his campaign promises he brought during the elections.

Which brings is now is that President Donald Trump not only rules the US with his iron fist approach but also the world and he refuses to give up without a real fight.

Is President Trump a hero or a monster? Only time will tell.

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