Thursday, January 26, 2017

BIOHAZARD 7 -resident evil-

For two decades, CAPCOM's Biohazard (Resident Evil) franchise first coined the survival horror craze and forever plagued millions of players worldwide with its puzzle-solving, gut-wrenching, fear-induced, choice-making, gameplay that will leave them traumatized at the end but only a select few wanted for more. At last, in honor of the series' 20th anniversary, the long-awaited installment has arrived on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, as Biohazard 7 -resident evil- welcomes players to a new kind of fear they will never forget.

BIOHAZARD 7 -resident evil-
Grotesque Ver. (PS4)

BIOHAZARD 7 -resident evil-
Grotesque Ver. (XBOX One)

Biohazard 7 brings players to abandoned farmhouse in a fictional village somewhere in Louisiana. Upon receiving a message from a woman named Mia, Ethan Winters set off to this abandoned mansion to find her. Upon their reunion, things turned out to be bad during their escape until the unwelcome arrival of the Baker family dragged him down to this very hell he set foot. Now trapped under the grips of the Bakers, Ethan has to do whatever means necessary to escape from them and find out the truth.

One of the biggest changes in Biohazard 7 is it now sets in first-person perspective, giving your eyes a taste of fear you might come across room after room after room. Because the gameplay pays homage to the first game, there are some puzzle-solving mysteries to uncover as well as dealing with enemies in a fight-or-flight situations, not to mention stealth in case of...the Bakers sniffing you out. Throughout this place, you will encounter those monsters known as the "Molded", and how you deal with those creepy looking monsters is up to you because with ammo is scarce (as well as health items), fighting them isn't the only way.

Thanks to its RE ENGINE, Biohazard 7 features a larger than life graphics that even your 4K Ultra HD can appreciate its liveliness of this horror game and for those who have the PSVR, playing this game in VR mode is a very nightmarish experience. Here's hoping you'll survive trying to finish this game while you're wearing the PlayStation VR.

Apart from the traumatic fear it delivers, Biohazard 7 has some surprises in store for the gamers, not to mention the possible endings they might come across. Even though they beat the game, some brave-hearted few willing to come back for more will brace themselves for DLC content coming later this year, from Banned Footages to the additional "NOT A HERO" scenario.

Although this isn't as action-packed as fans hoped for from past installments, those looking for fear in the right angles really dared enough to play this new installment and find out for themselves as this game lives up to the survival horror fame. As a matter of fact, this game not only is terrifying, it's VERY punishing and not for the faint-hearted because with so much fear popping out by surprise, you would definitely not want to play that game in the middle of nightfall or when you have the urge to go for a bathroom break.

This is definitely one way of honoring two decades of Biohazard in the most terrifying manner they ever done for the players who demanded more.

"Welcome to the Family, son."

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