Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Extra Service

ABS-CBN's Star Cinema starts the year 2017 with a bang as the first offering of the year is a hilarious spy flick featuring the hottest celebs in showbiz as Extra Service locks their crosshairs to the cinemagoers and shoot them with their blend of wit, humor, and hotness this action-comedy flick can offer.

Extra Service

Extra Service is about three women named Aw (Arci Munoz), Em (Coleen Garcia) and Gee (Jessy Mendiola) as they're starting their new lives as your basic masseurs but behind their daily lives as masseurs, they're a trio of spies who are on a mission to reclaim a valuable treasure in exchange for their freedom. Sure is a challenging attempt for the ladies but how hard can it be?

In addition to the actresses starred in this flick, we can expect other celebs like Enzo Pineda, Ejay Falcon, Vin Abrenica, and Carmi Martin, among many others.

As a comedy flick, this movie fails to gut the viewers with their own brand of jokes because some say, it's a bit bland and very corny to laugh on their misfits. As a action flick, meanwhile, it doesn't pack some thrills until it hits the right spot where things starting to unfold to deliver the "extra service" this film deserves. So, it's not quite funny nor thrilling as any other action comedies had but what does this film loaded with is the sex appeal and seeing the stars dishing out their brand of hotness really wants to get your butt kicked by this film, get choked to unconsciousness, or get your bones break, whichever this film throws at you.

Extra Service may not be funny or thrilling but the sexual sensation of this film really stimulates your senses into beating yourself up right through the very end of this flick.

My rating: 2.6 out of 5

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