Tuesday, January 31, 2017

FH3 Blizzard Mountain: Big Ben

Time for another guessing game, am I right? Okay, on the front it looks more like a Bentley, a gentleman's touch of royalty served for the privileged few. Although it can be classified as a sovereign when you look at the Bentley badge at the front, something's different about this Bentley because while the front looks similar to the Continental GT, this car in question is not the Continental GT. In fact, this is the Bentley that differs it from the royal blood. Care to see it?

Holy nachos! Looks like Bentley's not safe on the SUV outbreak that spreads through most carmakers like a flu season in wintertime.

Say hello to the first-ever Bentley Bentayga, the king of luxury SUVs.

While driving Crewe's first sport utility vehicle at the Blizzard Mountain to study its capabilities, let's talk more about the Bentayga. As the first SUV in the Bentley range, the Bentayga is inspired from the EXP 9 F Concept from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, but compared to the concept car it inspired from, the Bentayga features Continental GT-inspired face at the front and Flying Spur-inspired rear lamps at the back, but despite its differences, the Bentayga's SUV packaging is a feast to be festooned for the privileged few.

Under the hood lies the newly-developed 6.0L W12 TSi engine producing 608PS of power and 900Nm of torque and when mated to an 8-speed gearbox, it does 0-100kph near the five second mark and onwards to 301kph. This power makes the Bentley Bentayga the most powerful luxury SUV ever made. Apart from the W12 engine offered, the Bentayga is offered with Bentley's first diesel engine, in the form of a 4.0L 32-valve V8 diesel engine that delivers the same amount of torque as the W12 engine but it only produces 435PS of power.

While the Bentayga is a hunk of metal made for the high-paying footballers who love to turn on the stadium parking lot with their flashy luxury cars with six-figure pricetags, some would say that the design is pathetically ugly for a Bentley, although the interior is worth redeeming when it was festooned with luxury items that can be somewhat on the same level as a chauffeur-driven car.

Like the Range Rover, the Bentayga feels more classy and posh on the city centers while showing its adventurous character offroad, regardless of the road and weather conditions it faced. Although this is the most powerful SUV ever made, the way it handles got me worried and because of such weight, handling this supersized royalty is like taming a wild horse at a posh academy. This heavyweight body, despite its king-sized power output, is worth of a challenge for me and that gave me the idea to see how much the Bentayga can do while facing extreme icy conditions.

A posh Bentayga fit for the idol princess. Well, not really a princess but with the design inspired by Aikatsu Stars' Hime Shiratori that I just booked in for this car, feels like she's going on a ski holiday with the others, but this is no holiday vacation. Oh no. Because, after extensive improvements to make it well prepared for the filming, the Bentayga is ready to take on Blizzard Mountain like you never seen before. So, with the cameras rolling, it's time to get this show on the road!

It maybe messy during a royal rumble against the heavyweights but looks like the Bentayga became the star of the show while experiencing extreme icy conditions here in Blizzard Mountain. This Bentley ain't no Range Rover, you know, but looks like the ultra-luxurious, ultra-powerful Bentayga made me surprised that it gave me an idea. What idea you may ask? I'm returning back Down Under to compare against three British SUVs in the market and this could be an ideal task for me to do it because I swear I saw something like this before.

This is definitely one thing I'm looking forward to do it later but in the meantime, time to take the Bentayga back home because it's almost tea time and I need to be here before it.

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