Sunday, January 29, 2017

FH3 Blizzard Mountain: A Jaguar SUV? Really?!

Look closely on this pic because at first glance, it does look like a typical Jaguar to you but when I uncover the whole picture, you won't believe what kind of Jaguar is this because this is just more than being your basic Jaguar that you took it on the city centers sunrise to sunset.

Surprised? Betcha didn't know that Jaguar made an SUV for the very first time, questioning every single car enthusiasts thinking that the company that owns both Jaguar and Land Rover realized that these two have gone off the deep end and thus resulted to this; the first ever Jaguar F-Pace, and it's available on Forza Horizon 3's Logitech G Car Pack. But first, I need to go to the Blizzard Mountain to assess this SUV for a more knowledgeable manner.

So, the main question is why did Jaguar made an SUV even though only Land Rovers do so? Is this a conspiracy, I dare say? Or are they just trying to reinvent the lineup to get back on the Germans for reigning the luxury car race? Although the questions remained unanswered until further notice, the F-Pace from Jaguar was carved from the remnants of the C-X17 Concept as seen on the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Another important example of a concept car turned reality for the motoring public, although a small price to pay to make a vision a reality for all.

Contrary to belief that the F-Pace is basically a Range Rover Evoque in Jaguar's clothing but in reality, it uses the same underbelly as Jaguar's latest saloons in the range such as the XE and the new XF. In general, this crossover behaves like a sport saloon on the road while still delivers SUV credentials that makes it go anywhere, well just about, and it was made for the upperclassmen who goes for important meetings on workdays and then going for some leisure stuff on weekends and holidays such as going for golf, hunting, camping, or anything outdoorsy stuff people with SUVs do most of the time. Didn't they mentioned that Jaguar made a special wristband for owners to act as a carkey to access this car? Pretty clever, huh? Makes conventional car keys obsolete in the near future, I dare say.

For now, the most powerful in the range is the one with the 3.0L Supercharged V6 engine that produces 380PS of power output, almost two hundred less than the Range Rover, but make no mistake that even though the power output is somewhat lacking, it's surprisingly lighter than the Range Rover, making it very sporty to handle through the bends no SUV couldn't imagine of due to the laws of physics.

This Jaguar really puts the sport back to the sports utility vehicle because not only it looks good to look at, it's surprisingly agile and sharp. It behaves like a rear-wheel drive car as I noticed and the more I get used to this Jag, the more promising it deserves. I can really take back about the deep end part and get used to this crossover that handles like a sports saloon while delivering the SUV ruggedness it does, well just about.

Even though I don't see the F-Pace to be a proper offroader as compared to the more expensive Range Rover, I want to treat it rough to see how good as this Jag gets and since I'm in Blizzard Mountain, there are plenty of reasons to play rough with this Jaguar SUV.

Quite a fitting take on such a snowy weather but sorry, you have to see that because a hint of Yokai Watch's Blizzaria on the design is what I've ordered to do it on the F-Pace and being Blizzaria, extreme icy conditions may follow shortly. Get it? Gotta love this supernatural cutie, though, but anyway, with the F-Pace all prepped up for snow duty, time to treat it rough to see how much it can do not just as an SUV but as a Jaguar.

That was the roughest take on the first ever SUV from Jaguar even though no one's pleased with its "childish" special Blizzaria design on it but I can safe to say that the Jaguar F-Pace earned the seal of approval it deserves. Although it may not be as powerful as a Range Rover but its lightweight bodywork can really cut it like a bread knife on the silver platter and its superiority complex really outshines the German crossovers awesomely.

It maybe an SUV but it still has the "art of performance" Jaguar deserves and I am very proud of what this crossover done for me.

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