Friday, January 20, 2017

FH3 Blizzard Mountain: S1 on ice

Audi's S1 may be a semi-hot A1 for the 50%, but for a small-sized compact, it tries so hard to become the super hot hatch it deserved.

Although this is classified as a super hot hatch that competes against the Astra VXR, A45 AMG, and the RenaultSport Megane, its short on power is a big disadvantage in the straights but thanks to its size, it can squeeze into corners squeaky clean as a thief in the night, as if drivers know how to watch their backs and blind spots for sudden overtakes.

Some people claimed that the S1 has the blessings of the legendary Audi Quattro but upon checking out its driving modes, it all feels wrong. Like the Sport mode, for example, which solidifies the suspension rather than sharpens it, making this car too mild to handle in the bends. It maybe small and nippy but the way the S1 behaves is...just plain mild as an Ivory soap with a point I made moments later.

As you can see, I am rejoined here with my special S1 I drove back in FH2's Storm Island years ago. It's got the same Cinderella Girls Miria design as last time, but it's been updated to handle Blizzard Mountain. With the car set, the S1 faces the harshest challenge yet under extreme icy conditions. When I say extreme, I really do mean it.

It's true. It was the harshest challenge ever faced under extreme icy conditions but the S1 managed to win the race for me, although I wouldn't want to do it against because as the Blizzard Mountain challenges get even tougher, it takes the right strategy and the right car to do such things in order to achieve the full three-star result. Winning the race is easy but winning the race while completing a specific task is a tough act to follow.

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