Friday, January 27, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: The Last V12 SUV on Earth

The Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG is definitely the last V12 SUV in the face of planet Earth. Sure, there are a few 12-cylinder SUVs roaring around the badlands like a Yeatsian beast but this is the one and only SUV in its existence to have a V12 engine on it, therefore its an endangered species that's going to face total extinction for many years to come...just a bit.

It has a 6.0L V12 twin-turbo engine mated with an AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G‑TRONIC automatic transmission system, which is unorthodox for a V12-powered AMG but with the rise of nine-speed gearboxes on the AMG stable, feels like this setup won't be there for long and any hope to see a V12 AMG car with a nine-speed gearbox on it is long gone because AMG won't be making that kind of setup until further notice. 

Cars like the AMG S65, the AMG SL65, and this one are the last of the breeds using this particular setup and while on the subject of The Last V12 SUV on Earth, this Yeatsian beast needs some bucket lists to be filled in before its imminent demise in the not too distant future and yes, we are going to miss this roar of the heavyweight AMG SUV when its gone for good...for a moment in time.

Before this Last V12 SUV on Earth face its untimely fate soon, time to give this heavyweight the moment to shine at the Australian Outback and this will be the moment this G-Wagen will never forget.

Like the last of the Aka-Bo speakers that perished years ago, the age of the V12 SUV will soon be too, although there is a twelve-cylinder SUV out there roaming in style but the engine is different from what the Merc possess and no matter the outcome, it will still be respected elsewhere from petrolheads everywhere as The Last V12 SUV of Earth. It may not be friendly to endangered species, I dare say, but the more I enjoy driving the G65 AMG, the better the experience will be for a mammoth driving like there's no tomorrow.

Thanks for the memories, G65 AMG. I will surely miss your V12 engine in your big body when your gone very soon.

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