Monday, January 9, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Long-awaited Bimmer

While the cars of Forza Horizon 3 are freely roaming around in the roads of the Land Down Under, a car made with the futuristic necessities come shining through as it rolls by. This could only mean one thing; at long last, after two or three years of waiting to get this car featured in the Forza franchise after its launch, the long-awaited Bimmer, the BMW i8, has arrived, ringing the new year with a flashpoint of the future.

Yes, the BMW i8 has arrived, thanks to Forza Horizon 3's Rockstar Energy Drink Car Pack, available now, and with this car pack, our dream of driving BMW's flagship plug-in hybrid electric sportscar that is the spearheader of the BMW i range in the game has came true and we have plenty of reasons to drive "the ultimate driving machine" for the next generation. More like the next 100 years if you ask the Bimmer fanatics.

So, what's it all about the BMW i8? As the sensation of the year 2014, BMW's all new plug-in hybrid electric sportscar, the i8, ushers the new era of sporty driving with ecological conscience in mind. Drawing inspirations from the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept in 2009 and the i8 Concept in 2011, this concept-turned-reality PHEV is another reason why BMW is getting their eco-car game face on and it combines the fun-to-drive characteristics of a luxury sportscar with the ecology and efficiency of most hybrids and electric cars. With the 1.5L petrol and the hybrid synchronous motor working together, it develops a total output of 362PS of power, resulting to a 0-100kph time of 4.4 seconds and 2.1L/100km of fuel economy. Apart from that, the i8's bodywork is comprised of space-age materials, making it stiffer and lighter. All and all, the i8 is a PHEV that is here today, ready for tomorrow and with such unique packaging, no one can go wrong with it.

I feel like I'm one in a million people who demanded to have this car in the franchise since its 2014 launch as a 2015 model year and while it sounds too little, too late for us, it's better late than never to have BMW's flagship plug-in hybrid electric sportscar in the game. Because this is the one everyone's waited for so long, the BMW i8 is surely become their next favorite Bimmer to drive in the Land Down Under for days, even months, while experimenting its astonishing capabilities this PHEV can do. Yes, we do have the berks of the future in the range such as the P1, LaFerrari, the Tesla Model S, and even the latest NSX I drove a while back, but this i8 is all about being a step into tomorrow's world and while its eco-car credentials swoon weird-beard environmentalists and armpit hair enthusiasts alike, its performance is nothing to be called a dull ride to the playground. In fact, there's some work to be done with this...long-awaited Bimmer.

See what I did? Looks like the i8 got the "extra service" it deserved and speaking of which, who else to love but THE IDOLM@STER's Yayoi Takatsuki? I mean, come on. Is anyone still have love with the series for over a decade?! Still, the reason why I came this up is because while this basically an expensive car with a six-figure price tag, it is considered to be ten times less expensive than the "holy trinity" of hypercars. Sadly, the so-called "holy trinity" of the supercar realm are already sold out, hence this is the only hybrid sportscar you can afford. Still, that pricing kinda rings a bell when you compare it against another hybrid sportscar, the new Honda NSX. I love that car, anyway, but if you had to choose between the NSX and i8? Which would you like?

Sadly, this isn't the time to answer questions because it's time for the i8's no talk, just do it to the max straight approach! Hey! Where did I heard that before? Still, time to get the cameras rolling!

The BMW i8 is the car that was meant to be a future-ready innovation in the time when cars with big thirsty V8 engines are heading to the list of endangered species, just like what happened to the V10 engines, which sadly there are two remaining on the list such as the Lamborghini Huracan and the Audi R8. Like animals, car innovations don't live for a few years and the numbers will keep on declining for the next generation until one of them are declared extinct. Things change and and this is the very reality we're facing right now so we have to adapt through every situation as the world turns for better or for worse, like what the i8 is doing as it can adapt to the ever-changing world with its future-ready innovation that sets the template for BMW's centennial history. Anyway, that's all I can said it and I think that's enough for that.

Happy that you got to drive the i8? If so, you'll be glad that you had it since the car was launched in 2014.

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