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Second-Generation Audi Q5 (Typ FY)

Slotted below the bigger Q7 full-size SUV, the Audi Q5 is a luxury midsize crossover that appeals more than your auntie's luxury crossover in terms of numerous capabilities this crossover can do and for this second-generation model, there's no denying that the all-new Audi Q5 can pinpoint every potential capabilities that your auntie's crossover can't, especially when your auntie started to own a Mercedes GLC per se. So, will your auntie prefer this one more than the GLC? Let's see...

2017 Audi Q5

The previous Q5 launched in 2008 is basically an Audi A4 with a big body that does nothing more to appease the outdoorsman but rather than the yuppies who prefer taking it on the city centers rather than national parks for business and leisure. For this new model, though, it's becoming personal because apart from the Q7-inspired design that matches its blood with the other Audi SUVs, the new Q5 is all about business and usual, day and night, rain or shine, clean and dirty, no matter the odds.

2017 Audi Q5 interior
2017 Audi Q5 interior

You have to admit that the new interior is basically an improvement compared to the previous model and while it is slightly more spacious than the last one, it's more surprisingly high-tech than ever, meaning millennials can toy around with the features as much as they want before setting off or going out. One such thing is the new MMI with smartphone connectivity that works well with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, giving plenty of reasons to stay connected while on the road, as long as your aware of your surroundings. The new interior looks so promising but the second row seats is somewhat questionable because while you are trying to get inside, it's worth the try to squeezing yourself while getting indulged by that new car smell until some sweaty boys occupying the whole second row and it takes a Febreze to stave them off.

2017 Audi Q5
2017 Audi Q5

At launch, the new Q5 is powered by either a 2.0L TFSi petrol engine or a 2.0L TDi diesel engine, mated with either a six-speed manual, or a seven-speed S tronic gearbox, depending on the model. For now, the most powerful in the range is the 2.0L TFSi with 252PS of power and 370Nm of torque, capable of reaching 0-100kph in 6.3 seconds and onwards to 232kph. The most efficient one is the 2.0L TDi with 4.9L/100km of fuel economy.

Unlike the previous one, the all new Q5 features a brand new platform that is similar to the one used on the latest VW Tiguan, meaning that it's now more nimble and more durable compared to the last one and by utilizing the new quattro drivetrain, it's now more capable to handle situations than ever, making it an all-weather multirole that you can take it anywhere as long as you're curious to drive it. Although, the newly updated dynamics on the new Q5 is quite impressive when you consider it, it doesn't feel as sporty as what the name hoped for and it feels...pretty much more like your auntie's crossover on the weekends.

Keeping up with the demands of times, the new Q5 features a wide array of driver assistance and safety systems. Apart from applying some of the many driver aids that makes it as civilized as an autonomous car of the next decade, the new Q5 comes with the predictive efficiency assistant that allows the driver save fuel by specific information on the car's surroundings. Sounds mind-boggling if you ask but it can be somewhat bland and drivers like to drive the way they like.

The new Q5 starts at 39,500 Euros and by surprise, it's amazingly more affordable to buy than the Mercedes GLC, your auntie's next favorite luxury crossover. Although it's less expensive than the Benz, the new Q5 behaves pretty much like your auntie's luxury crossover, only with the slight difference that makes her want to switch cars. Since the new Q5 is built in Mexico, the current American administration will be unhappy about this one because the dreaded 35% tariff will make this new model more expensive than the last one when it hits the US, unless some measures have to be taken to slip through this new kind of mess. Nevertheless, with less to worry about the new American climate, the new Q5 can have its lush in European soil because this is an Audi and Audi is German whether you like it or not.

Source: AUDI AG

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