Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Grand Tour - Episode 10

The Grand Tour Episode 10

The tenth episode of Amazon's original motoring show, The Grand Tour, sees the trio coming up with an idea to submerged a scrapped car body under the sea in order to become a new home for the fishes, having drawn inspiration from a certain move done by a certain nation to submerged an old ship to make a new home for fisheries due to the ocean's coral shortage because of the so-called global warming.

With the tropical island of Barbados is the main stage for this experiment, the gang are pulling the stops to turn the scrapped metal into a new aquarium for the fishes. Sadly, the only thing they done so far are messing up the popular vacation spot for tourists. Still, after several ruckus later, as well as having four scrapped cars gone to complete waste, the scrapped Land Rover body managed to be submerged successfully, accomplishing their so-called environmental mission.

Before that, Jeremy Clarkson goes to Wales to try out the brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde sports saloon and then took it for a spin round the Eboladrome. Then, AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson is the latest casualty of the show's Celebrity Braincrash segment.

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