Friday, January 27, 2017

The Grand Tour - Episode 12

The Grand Tour Episode 12

SUVs are the main topic of this week's episode of Amazon's original series, The Grand Tour. In this episode, the trio are setting off to Germany to see which SUV is the best. James May believes that it's the expensive and the most powerful SUV ever made, the Bentley Bentayga, while Jeremy Clarkson thinks it's the Range Rover, and Richard Hammond knows that it's the less powerful but more affordable Jaguar F-Pace.

The trio settled their difference through a road trip through German cities, including the one with the F-bomb on it, and it all ends with an offroad race in the outskirts of Nuremberg.

Before that, Jeremy Clarkson's at the Eboladrome, killing animals with Lexus's high performance four-door saloon, the GS F, film extraordinaire Tim Burton is the latest celebrity victim to be succumbed to the show's Celebrity Braincrash, and a life in a day of a car with launch control.

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