Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Grand Tour - Episode 7 & 8 (Namibia Special)

The Grand Tour Namibia Special

Call it a Christmas special you may ask like what Top Gear did in the past but the first-ever two-part special of Amazon's Original Series, The Grand Tour, is more than just a Christmas special. It's about three boys exploring through the Namibian landscape using beach buggies that were based on classic Beetle chassis. 

James May's beach buggy bears a close resemblance to the original beach buggy while Jeremy Clarkson's buggy, meanwhile, is powered by a V8 because of his love for power, and Richard Hammond's buggy has a roof and offroad parts on it.

Throughout this epic two-parter, the boys and the buggies are trying to survive the harsh roads and elements in this thousand-mile journey to prove that beach buggies are the best. In the end, turns out that despite everything they gave, they proved themselves wrong, knowing that beach buggies aren't the best.

Still, the first-ever Grand Tour special shows that the boys can still explore through the ends of the earth just like during their Top Gear heydays, no matter how good or bad things are until the conclusion that defines the turning point of history.

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