Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Grand Tour - Episode 9

The Grand Tour Episode 9

In the ninth episode of Amazon's Original TV Series, The Grand Tour, the boys are stepping through the future by giving the motoring world a glimpse of tomorrow.

First up, James May is test driving the all-new Honda NSX supercar to see just how it lives up as the successor to Japan's legendary sportscar.

Then, with SUVs are becoming the new normal in the automotive landscape, Jeremy Clarkson devises a plan to create his own kind of "sports utility vehicle" using the underpinnings of the Land Rover Discovery as the basis. He once used the MGB's exterior for this experiment but moments later, it broke. Later, he used the old Mercedes SL roadster and christen it as "The Excellent".

After that, with an ongoing energy crisis going on in the world, the boys are trying to find any means to generate as much electricity as they can to solve the problem. Trouble is, they didn't.

And finally, when the world faces an imminent fallout, Richard Hammond creates his own take of a bugged-out car. In his first attempt, he created a VW-based survival vehicle, only to be then blown by Clarkson and May using conventional weaponry. In the second attempt, it got blown away by a tank. And in the third attempt, Hammond created a military vehicle, only to be then destroyed by a battleship's long-range weaponry.

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