Friday, January 13, 2017

Things we learned from the Nintendo Switch presentation

Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo announced the Switch last fall, the video game community rejoiced to the latest offering from the Japanese video game giant with new ways to play with Nintendo's next-generation console that can be either a home console, a hand-held, and both, giving them the best of both worlds. 

People who can't wait to be "switched" are still skeptical about what the Switch can do while there are some questions are yet to be answered until the recent presentation reveals...almost everything we need to know about the Switch.

First off, Nintendo announced that the Switch will be launched globally on the 3rd of March, 2017. In Japan, it will be priced at 29,980 JPY, while in the US, it will be priced at 299.99 US Dollars, meaning it is more expensive than the old Wii U and it's similarly priced between the XBOX One and the PS4. What we have here is a stalemate of next-gen consoles offered in the market.

One of the real kickers behind the Switch is that the new console will not have Region Locking at all. I repeat, NO REGION LOCKING IMPLEMENTED. That sounds great news to us and regardless of where you bought that game elsewhere, the Switch plays it all, no matter the region is.

There are three ways to play with the Switch, as demonstrated since the announcement video last year. First, the TV mode, where you can play the Switch traditionally on TV. Then, there's the handheld mode where you can turn the Switch from a home console to a handheld console that you can take it anytime, anywhere. And lastly, the tabletop mode. With three ways to enjoy the Switch, this is the gaming freedom the fans are waiting for. You can even charge it with a USB cable as well. It also works with amiibo figures as well.

The launch game for the new Switch is 1-2-Switch, a fun variety game that makes full use of the JoyCon's capabilities. Later, it will be joined with the brand new fighting game ARMS, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and many others as seen in the presentation. Annoyingly, no sign of Smash for the time being.

In the fall of 2017, Nintendo will offer a paid online service on the Switch and what does that mean? Looks like you are going to need a paid subscription to enjoy multiplayer games, giving more reasons why your wallet's not safe from paid online services on those next-gen consoles.

Anyway, after viewing the presentation, let's take note that the Switch is available worldwide starting at the third of March, 2017. Looks like this year will be a great one for Nintendo...whatever that is.

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