Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Third-generation Kia Morning/Picanto

Kia Motors starts the year 2017 with a brand new car and this is none other than the all-new, third-generation, Kia Morning (Picanto) compact hatchback, and because this is an all-new model that succeeds where the previous less-adored generations left off with new stuff that will take lots of time to learn more from this full model change. So, let's find out what's what about the all-new Morning.

2017 Kia Morning
2017 Kia Morning

Focusing on the exterior, the new model's design sees a much better improvement compared to the previous model. When I said improvement, look closely on the new exterior design. It feels like it came from the latest K5 judging from a sharper take on Kia's signature Tiger Nose grille as well as the headlamps look very similar to the K5 as well. As for the back, it's very reminiscent of the Hyundai Accent, although it's even sharper to look at compared to the previous model. As a result, the new Morning's design promises to be something special for the customers, although what this car does is yet to be felt.

2017 Kia Morning interior

Inside, it still remains skeptical hidden beneath its exciting design. Even if you are toying around with the new tech with smartphone connectivity, climate control, new instrumental cluster, sporty interior coordinates, and much more of what this new car can offer, especially with its five-seater capability and added space for some usual shenanigans, you are still wondering what will this new car be hidden beneath its exciting new design, unless if you can go deeper to find out.

2017 Kia Morning

If you can go deeper through this car, the all new Morning sees a much major improvement compared to the last model. The body is now 44% made out of super high strength steel plate with 67m of structural adhesive for the car's body as well. Not only it feels slightly lighter than the previous model but it is more durable and more robust than the previous model, making this foundation a much stronger base in an event of a collision.

Apart from the more durable bodywork, the Morning is powered by the brand new 1.0L Eco Prime Kappa 3-cylinder engine with the firsts from this category such as cooled EGR, OVC on the CVVT, and separate cooling flow stop valves. With these new engine features, it produces 76PS of power and class-leading 15.4km/L of fuel economy (or perhaps higher or lower depending on the variant). It can be mated with either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The new Morning comes with the category's first features such as Torque Vectoring Brake Based system , which transfers the power to the outer wheel while braking for better handling, Straight Line Stability, which controls the unstable phenomenon leaning to the left or right when braking in the event of braking on the straights, Vehicle Stability Management +, and Autonomous Emergency Brake, With numerous active and passive safety features offered, the new Morning is all about being prepared in the case of the inevitable.

With prices start at 10,750,000 Korean Won (P460,000/$9,300), it still is one of the most affordable cars ever offered in South Korea, although some small price to pay for delivery charges and optional extras you are gunning for. Still, with the robust backbone, a more efficient petrol engine, and some new tech, the new Morning really is a compact car that can really ring in the new year with a bit of a pop rather than a bang. Yep, Kia really is starting a New Year with a pop with the arrival of the Morning's full model change.

Available colors: Crystal White (Black/Metal), Crystal White (Lime Point), Milky Beige (Black/Metal), Milky Beige (Red Point), Aurora Black Pearl (Metal Point), Aurora Black Pearl (Red Point), Sparkling Silver, Shiny Red, Titanium Silver, and Aries Blue.

Photo: Kia Motors

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