Saturday, February 11, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Hellcat on High Water

The Hellcats from the SRT lineup have total authority over every other sportscar in the world because of its supercharged 6.2L V8 engine producing 707HP of power, making them the most powerful V8-powered production car ever made. They're even more powerful than powerful V12 Italian supercars...well, just about, but you should really trust the SRT folks elsewhere because in the world where power is the deciding factor, the Hellcats will remember be the king of V8-powered cars, although a select number of cars can outsmart its royal rumble coming out from the Hellcat's exhaust.

Hellcats are pretty much known to be coined as the Republicans' Veyrons because in real life, there are two specially-made keys offered on these cars; the Challenger Hellcat and the Charger Hellcat. There is a black key that limits the power to 500HP while the red key unleashes all that 707HP power output in its supercharged V8 engine. In the fantasy world of Forza Horizon 3, that holds nonsense because with cars like these, you are free to unleash all that 707 horsepower in either hell or high water, just the way you like.

Debating which Hellcat is the best, some say its the Challenger Hellcat because nothing beats a two-door muscle car like it but some would go for the Charger Hellcat, even though they're related to each other. One key factor, I discovered, that even though the four-door Hellcat is heavier than the two-door Hellcat, it's got slightly better weight distribution, meaning the Charger Hellcat can slightly handle better than the Challenger Hellcat. Still, for all that power, both the Charger Hellcat and the Challenger Hellcat can be very harsh to master because of its challenging handling dynamics that requires some expert-level skills to survive one corner after another if they want to stay on the lead against the opposition.

Let's find out which Hellcat is the best by pitting them against each other in the streets of Surfers' Paradise and the winner will have its own special treatment I lined up later. As always, fastest time wins, am I right? Let's roll!

And now, the results...

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (707HP/650ft-lb/4,438lb/57%/6,166cc/A766) - 2:25.979
2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (707HP/650ft-lb/4,575lb/54%/6,166cc/A773) - 2:24.878

The Charger SRT Hellcat, despite slightly heavier than the Challenger SRT Hellcat, is the fastest by a second. Sure, they have similar terms but looks like the Charger SRT Hellcat is the Hellcat to rule them all and this means, it's time for the special treatment I lined up for the winner.

Surprise! Our little demon friend will be pleased when she sees this design inspired by Love Live Sunshine's Yoshiko Tsushima. Oh's Yohane. Not Yoshiko. Sorry. But anyway, let's give this specially-pampered Hellcat some celebratory screen presence it deserved. I got the cameras rolling in!

Oh, don't worry about the Challenger Hellcat because even though it lost the race against the Charger Hellcat relative, I have something else in store for it...except the once feared Hellcat has been demoted to a mere child's toy. Speaking of child's toy, the Challenger Hellcat's been plastered with the image of Yokai Watch's Tomnyan. How embarrassing to see a uber-powerful muscle car being plastered with an image from a children's cartoon. Welcome to your walk of shame.

It's great to have both of the Hellcats being part of this wondrous experience in the Land Down Under. Whether if its the two-door Challenger or the four-door Charger, they all have one thing in common; to unleash all that seven-oh-seven fury against anyone who stand in their way. It maybe their way to have them respect their authoritah but to understand the Hellcats even more than the next driver, it's going to be a challenge because even a hastiest of drivers can get thrown by the Hellcat's rage until the chosen few can unleash its force to be reckoned with. Hellcats are not for everyone but do you got what it takes to unleash them? Do you?

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