Monday, February 6, 2017

Patriots made a comeback win after first Super Bowl overtime

The 51st Super Bowl match held at nrg stadium on Houston, Texas, became one of the most thrilling Super Bowl matches in history as the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots size each other up in the biggest American football event in history.

In the first half, the Atlanta Falcons have dominated the game at the score of 21-3, but when the second half came and with Patriots' star player Tom Brady unleashed, the Patriots are slowly tipping the odds at their favor until both teams scored 28 points, prompting the first ever Super Bowl overtime in history. No Super Bowl match has ever triggered an overtime until now.

In the first overtime in Super Bowl history, the Patriots required one touchdown to win the Super Bowl...and they did. At the final score of 34-28 post-overtime, the Patriots done the biggest comeback in the season.

With the Patriots won the Super Bowl LI, the star quarterback Tom Brady is named MVP after numerous passes that propelled his teammates to score their way to victory.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for your successful comeback and becoming Super Bowl LI champions!

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