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The Best 12 Moments of The 12th Doctor

The 10th season of BBC's longest-running sci-fi series in history, Doctor Who, is coming this April and not only the show will be the last for executive producer Steven Moffat, but also for the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi. It's kinda sad that after being around for four years since he took over the role from Matt Smith in The Time of The Doctor and now, on Christmas Day 2017, his tenure as the universe's favorite Time Lord has come to an end.

In honor of the 12th Doctor before the latest season, which will be the last for Mr. Capaldi himself, it's time for me to jot down his best 12 moments during his term as The Doctor.

1) The 12th Doctor's maiden voyage is on the Series 8 opener titled Deep Breaths. With Clara Oswald, Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax joining alongside him, they must take on a deadly conspiracy that left us breathless...literally. He even faced off against the Half-Face Man and his bladed minions.

2) A bad Dalek turned good...That was quite an unexpected turn for this episode titled "Into The Dalek" and for The Doctor and Clara, along with the help of a female soldier named Journey Blue (played by special guest Zawe Ashton), they CAN make a good Dalek. Journeying through the inside of the Dalek is definitely one of the most dangerous attempts ever witnessed but for that kind of situation, there is no other choice.

3) The Doctor and Clara rallied up a group of skilled cons from the galaxy to infiltrate the highly impenetrable Bank of Karabraxos in the episode titled Time Heist. Who can never forget the time when The Doctor banged the gong and he came up with a brilliant idea?

4) Titled The Caretaker, it became one of the most mind-blowing episodes in his time because not only the battle to save Coal Hill from the imminent doom caused by a menacing robot called the Skovox Blitzer but it's the fateful encounter between The Doctor, Clara Oswald, and Danny Pink that got the viewers amazed.

5) The London Jungle and how did the British capitol plagued with the forest's curse is the main story of this episode from Doctor Who titled "In the Forest of the Night" as The Doctor, Clara Oswald, Danny Pink, and a handful of students are finding out the cause of this. To make things worse, there's a massive solar flare going to engulf the world within a few moments. When The Doctor revealed that the trees saved the world from catastrophes, they're taking advantage of the overgrown forests as a protection against the imminent solar flare. After that, the world is back to the way things were. Now that we learned that trees will one day save us from imminent catastrophes, a good moral lesson to all the tree-huggers out there.

6) The two-part Series 8 finale of Doctor Who sees a fateful encounter between The Doctor and a sinister woman named Missy, who is known in reality as The Master, his longtime foe who thought he was presumed dead during their last encounter while dealing with the Cybermen threat worldwide. One of the most shocking moments on this episode include Missy/The Master killing Osgood (Ingrid Oliver), and the one when Danny Pink became a Cyberman who spared Clara Oswald. We did experience some heartbreaking moments on this episode but when the decisive battle come full circle, it was Danny Pink who sacrificed himself to lead him and the Cybermen to the cloud, which is known to be the Cyber Pollen. Looks like P.E. fought himself to his last breath.

7) The Doctor meets Santa Claus in the 2014 Christmas Special of BBC's Doctor Who titled Last Christmas. In the special, The Doctor and Clara met up with some strangers at the North Pole only to found out that they're stuck in a deadly dream only figuring a way out from a nightmare that kills them all. Celeb Nick Frost guested on the special as Santa Claus and this whole special brings the "believing in Santa" concept to a whole new meaning.

8) The two-part Series 9 Premiere sees the return of two of the most notorious Doctor Who villains such as Davros and Missy. Here, viewers witnessed Davros' secret origins and his bitter connections between him and The Doctor shocked everyone while making a crucial choice that will change his fate forever. The moment when Clara Oswald pilots the Dalek, all thanks to Missy, puzzled everyone with suspense rather than dark comic humor that our favorite baddie Time Lady pulled from her sleeves. But in the end, it was mercy that led the Doctor saved the young Davros from a distant past.

9) In Face The Raven, The Doctor and his allies ventured to an alien world, hidden on a street in London, only to found out that the countdown planted on Rigsy's head is a death sentence set by Ashildr because of the crime he committed to the refugee community. This episode witnessed the final moments of The Doctor's companion, Clara, as she sacrificed herself to save Rigsy from his imminent execution by the raven. It's a tragic moment to see one of The Doctor's beloved companions die for numerous circumstances but even with Clara's death, which we are going to mope it for a long time, it's time goes on for The Doctor as he teleports himself to another world.

10) Heaven Sent sees The Doctor taking on a mysterious place alone to find some answers while unknowingly pursued by a mysterious creature. Ever since the death of Clara, The Doctor tries to find the real answer for himself even if it means to live, die, and repeat until The Doctor has landed on Gallifrey.

11)  The finale of the current season of Doctor Who, titled Hell Bent, sees The Doctor in his home planet of Gallifrey as he tries to set things right, figure out the Hybrid presence, and in due course, avert the death of Clara Oswald. Of course, since he summoned the Clara Oswald that she was going to die, he stirred some chaos against The General and the other Gallifreyan soldiers, while making their way to the database. As they make it to the database loaded with numerous enemies chained in wires, The Doctor managed to hijacked a working TARDIS and travelled alongside Clara to the end of time itself where he made a fateful encounter with Ashildr, or better known to her as Me. With The Doctor confronting Ashildr...errr...Me, it is revealed that the Hybrid that was once prophesied was none other than, well, you guessed, The Doctor himself! Now, how come he didn't realized in the very beginning? Long story short but in the end, after The Doctor and Clara gone through separate ways, he's back to the TARDIS he truly set foot and a brand new sonic screwdriver was unveiled. Yes. It's brand new and very bluish.

12) River Song's return in the 2015 Christmas Special sparked excitement and shivers on the viewers as this episode maybe all about the hunt for the diamond inside King Hydroflax's head but it triggers chains of events involving who is The Doctor and who is River Song. It was one heck of a ride until it reached the climax of this episode where everything Whovians are wondering about have been revealed. From the singing towers of Darillium to the part where The Doctor gave River Song a sonic screwdriver as a Christmas present for her (which explains a lot to some veteran Whovians), all the truth between these two has left us quite a shock to the very end.

The latest season of Doctor Who airs on BBC One and BBC One HD this 15th of April, 2017. This season will be the biggest sendoff for the 12th Doctor and his final journeys will shatter expectations.

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