Friday, February 10, 2017

The Doble Kara finale

In the finale of ABS-CBN's afternoon TV drama, Doble Kara, the matter between life and death for Kara and Sara is on their last legs as their final encounter with a powerful enemy puts them on the line.

Behind closed doors of Isabella's birthday party, Kara was kidnapped by Alex, who thought she was presumed dead after their recent encounter regarding their children's lives. Meanwhile, Laura and Lucille made their fateful encounter and while revelations continue to spill, Lucille's pasts continue haunting her and knocked Laura out.

With Alex calling off the entire family to witness Kara's fate, Edward and Sara arrived to rescue Kara until Alex steps in to finish the twins off until they give back her son, JR. As tensions rise, the inevitable happens as Alex wants Kara to kill Sara off or else their mother will face the inevitable. With Lucille learned that Alex was just using her for such nefarious plots to separate the twins and their children, the tension just keeps on escalating until someone sealed their fate. Kara is the one who got shot by Alex before the police raided the house and got her surrounded.

As Seb tries to persuade Alex to stop her nefarious things all for JR's sake, she was shot dead by the police. With the family rushed Kara to the hospital, the struggle to keep Kara alive is on the line for them as well as for her daughter Becca who needs a transplant to save her life. Not taking any chances, Sara is ready for her transplant to save Becca's life.

Moments later, Kara and Seb finally found solace to themselves after all the mess they've faced so far while Edward, who thought he was going to say goodbye to Sara, announced his proposal to Sara. Lucille, meanwhile, still haunted by her past, has returned to the mental institution and was visited by Kara and Seb for an apology after all the nefarious things she has done for the family.

Peace is flowing to the family and this concludes the story of Doble Kara.

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