Monday, February 27, 2017

Things we learned from Aqours First Love Live concert

Last weekend, the school idol group as seen on the Love Live Sunshine!! series, Aqours (pronounced as aqua), thrown their very first Love Live concert at the Yokohama Arena and then livestreamed in select cinemas not just in Japan but the rest of the world.

It was the best Love Live concert ever, so said by anyone who witnessed Aqours' first major concert, and if anyone made it on the final day are in for a mega treat because some major announcements have been officially made to make the Lovelivers happy.

Part of Aqours' Next Step Project, there's going to be a brand new CD coming soon." and then some newer ones from sub-units CYaRon, AZALEA, and Guilty Kiss, this time with the addition of new duo/trio collection CDs to keep the ante up.

If you thought they're done after their First Love Live concert, you're dead wrong because there's going to be another Aqours concert coming this summer. Known as the HAPPY PARTY TRAIN tour, they will be at the Nippon Gaishi Hall on the 5th to 6th to August, World Memorial Hall on the 19th to 20th of August, and the Seibu Prince Dome on the 29th to 30th of September.

Best of all, the TV series will return this Autumn! Enough said.

So, are you excited for more Aqours?

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