Saturday, March 4, 2017

Before I Fall

What if one day will be the only day you'll be living for the rest of your life? This terrifying film based on a best-selling novel will answer everything with horrifying results.

Based on the bestselling novel, Before I Fall is about a teenage girl who got involved in a car accident and repeating this tragic moment seven times. While reliving the tragic moment, she tries to change the outcome to make up from her rude behavior towards others. But changing the lives of others she harmed does come with a hefty price and she has to accept her tragic fate.

This film is as terrifying as a horror movie, yet life-changing as an inspirational movie because while it scares the moviegoers elsewhere, it's about correcting all the mistakes that you've committed in your lives. If you were given the chance to correct mistakes, what will you undo to make it right? This film explains everything from start to finish and you will find that it's going to happen to you the moment you are in a tragedy that will change your life.

While this film is definitely scary, Before I Fall is a life-changing experience and you will find that after seeing this film, it could happen to you one day and how will you undo life's harshest mistakes to others is up to your decisions.

My rating: 3.8 out of 5.

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