Tuesday, March 7, 2017

House approves return of death penalty

The House of Representatives approved the bill reviving the controversial death penalty on the third and final reading despite opposition from numerous groups.

A total of 216 voted in favor while 54 are against in and only one abstained.

From an initial list of 21 crimes that included rape, treason and plunder, the House leadership decided to limit death penalty to drug-related crimes and offenses.

After that bloody struggle, the proposed law will now be transmitted to the Senate where it is expected to face tougher opposition from senators against the bill, which erupt anger from numerous opposition groups, especially the Catholic Church.

URL: http://m.philstar.com/headlines/show/77f80b12774f64a7281c87f96fffd17d?t=02kudm7g06ol00vo507k9asc37

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