Monday, March 13, 2017

Let's Do The News! (March 13, 2017)

- Flames englufed the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City earlier. At around 1430 hours local time, a fire is spread at a basement of a warehouse near the mall but as of now, the fire is now under control. Cause of fire is unknown but an aircon technician was rescued from the burning building.

- Members of the Kadamay stressed that they are not evicting from the housing provided from the National Housing Authority. The NHA warned that they have until Friday to settle the debt.

- Most drivers and members of the MTPB are in a middle of a standoff in a middle of clearing operations against illegally-parked vehicles.

- The Department of Health advised the public to be on alert for diseases during the summer season. Most diseases include colds, cough, sunburns, sore eyes, dog bites, and others.

- Regulatory free tuition for state universites and colleges has passed from the current Senate Hearing.

- Supporters of Senator Leila de Lima are  waiting in a middle of arrangement over the embattled senator's case of disobedience to summons. The Court issed a Not Guilty plea for De Lina after rejecting pleas.

- Free internet in the Philippines has been approved to the Senate hearing.

- Actor Cesar Montano has been questioned over corruption to his employees from the Tourism Promotions Board. A check payment from the contracted production to Montano has been halted while VIVA lied over the TPB's sponsorship agreement for the JaDine event.


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