Saturday, March 4, 2017

Logan (2017 film)

Previously, X-MEN fans got their minds blown away in the most colossal battle in history, X-MEN Apocalypse. Now, the tone has set from thrilling to a much somber, yet sadder take on the prime of the man who used to be the feared mutant Wolverine.

Set after the events of "The Wolverine", Logan brings back actor Hugh Jackman as the man formerly known as the Wolverine, this time as the caretaker of the ailing Professor X. While spending the prime of their lives hiding from the rest of the world, Logan's life spiraled out of control when he encountered a little girl who has the same powers as his. Now pursued by enemies, Logan will risk everything and use whatever means necessary to protect the only ones he trusted.

Although a thrilling action film to watch, even for superhero fans alike, this film won't shake off from its sad theme and no matter how many fight sequences this film had, its somberness can't be ignored and that makes us very sad to see him spending the prime of his lives hiding in plain sight with no reason. 

Still, despite its sad theme, witnessing the final moments of the man who used to be the Wolverine is worth becoming the coolest send-off ever done and it won't give up until it finish what it really started.

My rating: 3.6 out of 5.

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