Monday, March 6, 2017

Maymay Entrata wins PBB Lucky 7

At last night's Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 Big Night, held at the Alonte Sports Arena, Maymay Entrata from Cagayan De Oro is named as this season's Big Winner.

Known as the Ms. Wacky Go Lucky of CDO, Maymay got 42.71% of the votes, defeating the likes of Kisses Delavin from Masbate (who got 31.27% of the votes), Yong Muhajil from Zamboanga (who got 21.51% of the votes), and Edward Barber from Germany (who got 4.49% of votes).

Last Saturday, Cora Waddell was the Seventh Big Placer, two-in-one housemates Hashtags Mccoy De Leon, Nikko Natividad was declared as the Sixth Big Placer, and Tanner Mata got the Fifth Big Place.

After surviving the challenges in the longest Pinoy Big Brother season ever, these big placers deserve the credit but Maymay is the Big Winner we have to give credit for her feats.

Congratulations to Maymay and all the big placers!

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