Thursday, March 30, 2017

Northern Lights: A Journey to Love

When a person encounters someone who tends to be their long-lost child, it becomes a big business for a person who is now labeled a single parent and will do everything to his or her desire to connect with his or her long-lost child by any means necessary. This month's offering from Star Cinema explains the struggle of a Filipino immigrant in Alaska who tries to connect with his long lost child.

Northern Lights: A Journey to Love stars Piolo Pascual as a Filipino immigrant in Alaska, whose life has changed forever when he takes care of his son, played by Raikko Mateo, whom he left behind in the Philippines. Later on, he meets up with a Filipina, played by Yen Santos, who is in Alaska searching for her mother.

This film is partly shot in Alaska and New Zealand, making it the best of both worlds while getting their eyes watery on the storyline that will be relatable by most who believe that its how to deal with the hardships that makes them the person who was, especially when rekindling with the only one that shaped the very family you are. It's hard to survive watching this film without crying but Northern Lights is more about finding answers to life's biggest problems while dealing with long-lost family matters that is worth sharing to everyone because every person has a story to tell and Northern Lights is all about struggles the main character faced to reconnect the only family he has and some of us have been faced with the same experience as him.

My rating: 3.9 out of 5.

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