Monday, March 20, 2017

Six Nations 2017 FINALE

Here it is, last Saturday's season finale of the RBS 6 Nations championship sees the rise and fall of Europe's finest rugby teams in history and one is declared the best among the rest.

Highlighting the France vs. Wales fight, the WRU suffered a crushing defeat after the FFR trumped them by two points, giving the score of 20-18. To make things worse, the Damien Chouly's try for the defense of the Welsh has been shattered by the crushing blow by Camille Lopez as well as the combined efforts from the whole FFR, therefore it's safe to say that it's over for the Welsh.

Meanwhile, Scotland left the FIR Italia pointless while leading with 29 points while the IRFU defeated the England Rugby at the score of 13-9.

Highlights from the season ender:

Despite defeat and the end of their long winning streak, the winner of the 2017 RBS 6 Nations Championship is the England Rugby and they are the first team to win back-to-back Grand Slams since the FIR Italia joined 17 years ago.

And that concludes this season's RBS 6 Nations.

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