Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bubble Gang 2017 Summer Special Part 2 #BGSummer2017Part2

And now, the latter half of the Bubble Gang 2017 Summer Special Pradera Verde Villas at Lubao, Pampanga! Let's see what the BG cast are up to in the conclusion of this year's summer misadventures...

- Sama ka sa 'min gags

- Pareng Roger is on pool duty.

- Bubble Gang does Pringles Bites by spoofing this commercial as Kiriringles Bites!

- Istambay, Istambay Sa May Golfan, Ang Larong May Bola't May Hampasan, Dito Nangyari Ang Kalokohan, Makinig At Atin Nang...SIMULAN!!!

- Today's Patikim Ni Kim recipe is...Sex On The Beach!

- More news for moms in Balitang Ina.

- Proper Swimming Attire? What Proper Swimming Attire?

- Welcome to the one-and-only prepaid resort in the world!

- Pictorial problems

- Basa-basa-pik!

That's it for this year's Bubble Gang summer special! See you next time and have a happy summer vacation!

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