Sunday, April 30, 2017

Doctor Who S10E03

The third episode of BBC Doctor Who Series 10 sees The Doctor and Bill Potts entered the wintery 19th Century London where an enjoyable experience at a World's Fair on the frozen River Thames became a risk-taking, decision-making, mission that tests The Doctor's judgment.

A string of mysterious disappearance at the World's Fair on the River Thames led to them to investigate what's going on in the depths of the frozen waters but there's more to it than that because while there are some risky decisions to make for The Doctor, they got to the bottom of the truth and settle things once and for all to save the people before getting submerged into thin ice.

Now that was worth the risk for the two of them but there's an even riskier one coming next week so in the meantime, check out the behind the scenes footage from this week's episode.


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