Monday, April 10, 2017

F1 2017: Chinese GP

The second round of the new season of the Formula One championship shows that even in early stages of the season, a new rivalry has been ignited between the best drivers in the known universe. We're talking about Hamilton and Vettel here.

The track was once in damp condition but it quickly dried up, which lead to a fevered battle among the best of the Formula One drivers. A survival of the fastest by any means where many will race, only some will make it to the finishing line by any means necessary.

Among one of the major mishaps in the Chinese Grand Prix race in Shanghai is a crash by Sauber's Antonio Giovinazzi while exiting the final corner of the track until his car aquaplane off into the pit wall. After Giovinazzi's catastrophic crash in the race, it became like every race for themselves for the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and the others.

With the gap of 6.2 seconds, Hamilton wins the race while Vettel placed 2nd and Red Bull's Max Verstappen placed 3rd. Come to think of it, having both Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo finished together in 3rd and 4th really means that the Red Bull Racing's trying to show its fighting spirit on the track even though one made it to the podium finish and the other doesn't.

The next race is set at Bahrain on the 16th of April. That's Easter Sunday to you, folks.

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