Sunday, April 23, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Legendary Supercar

Look what I got from this weekend's Forzathon event, it's the supercar that started it all. Yes, it's the Porsche 959 and it's a real legend, all right.

Launched in 1986, it is known to be the most advanced and technological sports car Porsche has ever made. For instance; it comes with the adjustable suspension and a complex 4WD system that drivers can split the power between the front and the rear wheels for grip and cornering at the same pace. Notable people who had a 959 include Bill Gates, Don Johnson, Boris Becker, and a few others.

Thanks to the 2.9L twin turbo B6 engine that produces 331 kW (444 hp) of power, the top speed is 197mph, which in 1986 made it the fastest production car in the world.

I already heard the tale of the legendary 959 and how its reign as the speed king was short-lived by the Ferrari F40 a year later, but because storytelling about these two legendary supercars are a tad boring, let's give them another piece of history by battling themselves on the streets of Surfers Paradise and see who come out on top. This is going to be fun because the whole world are already familiar about these 80's supercar titans that inspired the likes of the fastest supercars of today and I'm here to witness it.

And now the results...

1987 Porsche 959* (450HP/369ft-lb/3,190lb/43%/2,849cc/A 763) - 2:26.113
1987 Ferrari F40 (478HP/424ft-lb/2,980lb/42%/2,936cc/A 776) - 2:20.374

These legends...they are always remembered for their greatness in the real world and when paced together, history is meant to be made. That's what these two are made for, establishing a new kind of war only the fastest will survive. The war we called the "speed wars" and it's been going on since the invention of the automobile. Some will win, some will lose. That's the rule all power-hungry carmakers are living right now and like they said, if you aren't speeding, you aren't living.

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