Friday, April 7, 2017

Let's Do The News! (April 7, 2017)

- President Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to visit the Middle East this month. According to Assistant Secretary for Middle East and African Affairs Jayceelun Quintana, President Duterte will have meetings with the officials of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, and State of Qatar. The President will also meet the Filipino community at Middle East.

- As the summer season begins in the Philippines, water rates are expected to raise due to the preparations of two major water distributors in order to recover from the effects of the foreign exchange rate in the previous months.

- The Movie and Television Regulatory and Classification Board is scheduled this April 10 to carry out an inspection and information drive at various terminals in Metro Manila due to the influx of passengers seeking to go home to their different provinces this Holy Week.

- The NPR and the PBS, two government-funded networks, are on the risk of being defunded as part of US President Donald Trump's new budget proposal.

- Iran condemned the US strike on a Syrian airbase on Friday as Britain and Australia gave their support with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull describing it as a “proportionate and calibrated response” to the use of chemical weapons.

- The Chinese capital city of Beijing, all littered in trash, promised to boost its spending on waste disposal but struggling to persuade its residents to sort their trash. Beijing is China’s biggest municipal producer of trash, having collected 8.7 million tonnes of household waste last year, almost double that of a decade earlier, and residents deride its sprawling landfills as a “seventh ring road”.

- The woman who was injured from the attack in Westminster last month has died, according to the police, increasing the death toll to six including the attacker. The woman identified as Andreea Cristea, a Romanian national who had been visiting London at the time of the attack.

- Osomatsu-san has been renewed for a second season!

- In case you may have missed it, Nickelodeon's hit cartoon show, Invader Zim, is re-invading soon-ish.

- David Brown Automotive unveiled their Mini Remastered vehicle, a modern-day take on the original Mini Cooper.


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