Thursday, April 27, 2017

STARDOM! / Bon Bon Voyage!

STARDOM! / Bon Bon Voyage!

The second season of Aikatsu Stars sees main character Yume Nijino living her school life in the Yotsuboshi Gakuin as one of the new members of S4. Accompanied by the only existing member Yuzu Nikaido and alongside newcomers Mahiru Kasumi and Ako Saotome, Yume Nijino is facing a much stiffer competition upon the arrival of Venus Ark, a boarding school with the luxury yacht as their front, and its star student, Elza Forte. Seeing Elza as a much fiercer rival onstage, Yume is on a quest to defend the title she've coveted from the start as well as her school's reputation in the battle between the two academies.

While the little girls can't wait until Thursday nights to see more of Yume, Rola, and the gang, as well as the new rivals Elza and Kirara, and the surprise return of someone they're familiar with, the opening and closing theme song from the show's second series are out in one maxi single CD. The opening theme song is titled STARDOM! and the closing theme song is Bon Bon Voyage!, both performed by, you guessed it, AIKATSU☆STARS! You know, the group. Not the TV show in case of confusing reasons.

Did you know that for limited quantities, there's a special accessory card for use in the DATA CARDDASS AIKATSU STARS game?

Aikatsu Stars airs on TV Tokyo every Thursday nights before Pokemon Sun and Moon.


2) Bon Bon Voyage!
3) STARDOM! (off Vocal)
4) Bon Bon Voyage! (off Vocal)

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