Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bubble Gang - May 26, 2017 #Ika6NaUtosOnBG

In the May 26, 2017 episode of Bubble Gang...

- "Di makapagenroll" gags

- Words to live by with Tata Lino

- Something different about this farmer...

- Girlfriend directs a film, her boyfriend's the star.

- Mas Pinabonggang Sumbong Sumbong Kay Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong takes on people going to gym taking pics, people posting comments even when they're together on occasions, and women posting vacation pics without their pals.

- Today's Balitang Ina topic is booking for vacations!

- This boy's manners are too good...

- It's pinching time!

- Basa-basa pik!

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