Sunday, May 7, 2017

Doctor Who S10E04

Doctor Who S10E04

The fourth episode of the tenth season of BBC Doctor Who, titled "Knock Knock", sees The Doctor and Bill figuring out what was going on behind the old house she and her friends went into.

When Bill Potts and her friends rented an old house from a shady landlord, they thought they're having the best day of their lives when suddenly, behind the wooden walls, something strange occurred, and with the arrival of The Doctor, they are figuring out the mystery behind the old house while keeping Bill's friends safe in this death trap they went into.

There's one enjoyable thing about the recent episode and that's because the sound team made a binaural version of it, meaning if anyone watches it again with their headphones on, the realistic 3D sound is what made this week's episode as real as they were part of the show. That's a bonus but let's leave it at then because time to hear what they say in the recent DW Fan Show webcast featuring David Suchet and Mike Bartlett discussing today's DW episode.


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