Sunday, May 28, 2017

Doctor Who S10E07

Doctor Who S10E07

This season of Doctor Who is becoming realistic than ever and as demonstrated in the latest episode titled "The Pyramid at the End of the World", it shows that Doctor Who is becoming more serious and relevant to today's chain of events.

Summoned by the United Nations Secretary General, The Doctor and his allies are on a distant nation to investigate the emergence of a mysterious pyramid until the deadly negotiation with the Monks kicks in. The Monks predicted the end of the world unless mankind surrender their fate to them in exchange for salvation, but for The Doctor's case, this is deadly conspiracy these new threats have orchestrated with and working against the clock, The Doctor is piecing the contents until the inevitable sacrifice occurred that will change not just The Doctor but the whole world.

The Monks will continue to plague the world in next week's episode but for now, here's what they say about the recent episode on this week's DW Fan Show webcast.


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