Thursday, May 4, 2017

FH3 Blizzard Mountain: CLIO!!! On Ice

The Renault Clio RS 200 EDC may not appeal most car enthusiasts due to to its dual-clutch gearbox that feels like you've arrived to school a second late but with a little smart thinking and a little imagination, this Clio might be up to something for your satisfaction.

The Renault Clio RS 200 EDC is powered by the same 1.6L DIG Turbo engine from the Nissan Juke crossover, producing 200PS of power output and because it's mated to a 6-speed EDC, it does 0-100kph in 6.7 seconds and flatout in 225kph, which isn't so bad for a good-looking five-door hot hatchback. I know that this car is quicker than the old Gen.3 Renault Clio RS 200, the last to be a three-door hatchback with the manual gearbox to it, but since I am very familiar with the way it handles, feels like it's challenging even for a beginners' car, even in extreme icy conditions felt in Blizzard Mountain.

Although the handling is not what you called beginner's luck, I couldn't want this one to go to waste because there's something else I can do with this hot Clio...with a little help.

Tweaked to RS 220 EDC Trophy specifications, decorated in something I'm familiar with, finished in yellow, this Renault Clio's ready to take on Blizzard Mountain like an oblation run and for its outing, we went downhill because that's what the Clio wanted to do in a snowy place like this, going with the flow. If that's what this hatch want, so be it.

With the car fully prepared for the job, we set off to do some downhill fun in the snow. However...

I noticed something strange with my Clio and no, it's not the mechanical bits that got me worried. Something fishy going on...Wait! I know! It's those shady duo swapped my snow tires for regular street tires! Darn, they're good, but what should I do now? How can I win a Blizzard Mountain race with a set of regular tires?! Well, some people claim that they can win a race without a little help from the snow tires but the best way to do such a going downhill and because the venue is set, let's see if I can make it out alive by winning a race without snow tires.

Racing without snow tires can be very challenging but racing on a downhill without snow tires can be even more challenging but I managed to survive and won the race. Good job for the Clio. Even though I have doubts about the way it performs, I am glad that this hot hatch made me pleased despite the delay tactics from its double clutch gearbox. With a little bit of imagination, it can achieve almost anything, even on extreme icy conditions as long as nothing's wrong with it.

Speaking of which, I now have 100 stars! That means I'm invited for the finale! Better get ready for the icy finale here in Blizzard Mountain but what could it be? Watch for it!

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