Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FH3 Hot Wheels: The First Day of the Rest of your Life!

Welcome everyone to the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion pack, where your childhood fantasies became even more outrageous than ever with signature Hot Wheels stunts come to life in the Land Down Under. Horizon couldn't get even more exhilarating than this!

On your first arrival at the Hot Wheels Thrilltopia, you are greeted by one of the most intimidating Hot Wheels car ever to come out from every kid's toy box, the Bone Shaker, and as you drive through your new Horizon Festival, the welcome tour includes not just the iconic Hot Wheels iconic orange tracks but also some signature Hot Wheels stuff such as Speed Boost, the loop-the-loop, the cobra coil, the fire ring, and for a bigger treat, a mechanical dinosaur to scare you off. This is exactly what is like to be in the world of Hot Wheels.

Don't get to awed by the idea of living in your childhood fantasy because you're going to need some concentration and timing to conquer whatever you may come across in Hot Wheels Thrilltopia. From the speed boosts to the loop-the-loop, you need to be fast enough to outsmart the competition because if you go slower than that, the difference between a win and a loss could narrow and opponents closing on you may slip out by surprise so be careful while you're out there. Oh, best not to look down if you have fear of heights.

For my first outing at the Hot Wheels Thrilltopia, I am behind the wheel of the Rip Rod, an offroad buggy that shows that even the smallest of size can be the most intimidating, and now, I'm going off to introduce what to expect in the world of Hot Wheels.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you called "extreme racing" and just like in Blizzard Mountain, every time you win a race or complete a stunt/bucket list challenge, you'll earn medals. Earn enough medals to progress through the next batch of races and stunts to complete.

So, do you think you can work your way to the big finale they've lined up in Hot Wheels Thrilltopia? Well, time to get going because these medals don't earn by themselves and between you and me, this will be the most challenging adventure yet.

Good luck and drive fast!

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