Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Last Australian Ute Hero

In the history of Australian motoring, Ford introduced the world's first coupe utility in the year 1934, ten years after Ford Australia was established. In 2017, the Holden VF Commodore Ute will go down in history as the last Australian ute hero as the upside-down country reaches the end of the era for vehicle production this Autumn. Much to the dismay, I am giving one last go with the last of the Aussie V8 utes before saying goodbye to the coupe utility that was made for all work, all play.

Seen here is the craziest Holden VF Commodore Ute of all, the HSV Maloo GTS, which is powered by the same supercharged V8 as the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. I know that I have driven this before since the start of the Horizon Australia journey but why am I driving it again?

Although, I occasionally drive the car that started my road to make the festival famous, I have some deep thoughts about this hot version of the VF Ute because as car manufacturing in Australia is coming to a complete and bittersweet end, this rolling thunder will surely be missed because there was never been a ute that is more enjoyable as this.

We all seen Holden Utes in history doing a lot of things. It attracted a lot of dogs more than other utes in Australia, it created a storm, it changed through times, the Holden Ute has been has been the forefront of every Australian country folk who want something that is all work, all play, something that the Australian Ford Falcon Ute has done over and over.

Even in this limited-edition GTS Maloo, with its 6.2L Supercharged LSA V8 engine producing 430kW of power and 740Nm of torque, it's hard to fathom that there were never been a coupe utility that has the beating heart of an American muscle car and satisfy the cravings of real Aussie men who think that all work, no play, made them dull. Sure, Aussie men took them to do some full-time jobs but on their day-offs, they've been used for tailgating, hooning, car meets, annoying the cops on a Saturday night, even driving through every man's points of interest like a beerhouse, a gym, a shooting range, anywhere an Aussie man desired to go. That's what the ute is made for, doing the most out of every blokes' desires.

Recalling my experience with the Maloo, I wouldn't realize that for a ute like this, it behaves like a muscle car. Very dynamic, very challenging to handle, and it takes guts to get things right but because this is Australia, the Maloo feels at home with its rolling thunder that brings smiles to anyone who drives it and while this is basically a challenging car to drive, you can get used to its looks, its behavior, and its Australian heritage, and if you are getting addicted to it, you'll be sure that the Maloo became your favorite Australian muscle car from the very start and you prefer this one more than high-performance European saloons, American muscle cars, and Japanese street cars.

To give a little thank you card to the last Australian ute hero, time to give the Maloo the sendoff it so truly deserved...

Don't get me the idea why I made this but it truly brings out the ute's character to it because a ute isn't just a vehicle, it's a lifestyle because when they took it for a spin, they can go to any action-packed outdoorsy stuff they can run about but unlike the crossover, an Aussie V8 ute is a lot more enjoyable to drive. Life couldn't get even more fun especially when you're Australian living the life to the fullest.

Anyway, since the Maloo is one of the starter cars of Forza Horizon 3, I've called on some of the other starter cars for a battle across Byron Bay. This is where we separate the rookies to the debutantes and looks like the the Maloo is ready to deliver the final blow a ute like this truly deserve to the world.

Ready? Let's get rolling!

What a way to say goodbye to the last Australian ute hero, the Holden VF Commodore Ute, in the HSV Maloo GTS guise. The ute has been part of the Australian car culture since Ford introduced it and with General Motors Holden the last to have one, the coupe utility will be surely be missed, along with the Aussie V8 power in it. How tragic for the Australians to say goodbye to the ute and the V8 engine along with it but even when the Aussies stopped making those, rest assured that they will always be one of the beating hearts of Aussie motoring.

Goodbye to the great Aussie ute and goodbye to Aussie V8s. They will be surely missed.

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